What happened to Cyril Ramaphosa? Absence from ANC Events Sparks Rumors, Officially Cited as ‘Emergency’

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent absence from key ANC events in Mbombela, where preparations for the party’s significant January 8 statement were underway, has sparked widespread speculation and discussion.

The ANC officially communicated that Ramaphosa had been excused from participating in the weekend’s events due to an undisclosed “emergency.”

Deputy President Steps In

With Ramaphosa’s unexpected withdrawal, Deputy President Paul Mashatile was designated to represent him during the Mbombela activities. While the ANC assured the public of Ramaphosa’s continued leadership, his absence fueled various rumors.

Some speculated about potential health concerns, while others linked his nonattendance to the activities of the MK Party, which has been actively campaigning across South Africa.

What happened to Cyril Ramaphosa
Cyril Ramaphosa

President’s Recent Engagements

President Ramaphosa had been in the province since Thursday, January 4, participating in National Executive Committee (NEC) meetings.

Despite the rigorous engagements, concerns arose when sources claimed that the president appeared frail during one of the NEC meetings held on Saturday, January 6.

What happened to Cyril Ramaphosa?

President Cyril Ramaphosa was excused from ANC events in Mbombela due to an undisclosed “emergency,” but refuted the ongoing rumors of ill health. The rumors suggested that the president had suffered a stroke.

Addressing concerns, Vincent Magwenya emphasized that such claims were baseless and unfounded.

To quell the rising rumors, Presidential Spokesperson Vincent Magwenya took to social media to clarify the situation.

Magwenya emphasized, “A malicious rumor has been circulating regarding the president’s health and alleged hospitalization.

Contrary to these claims, President Ramaphosa remains in good health. He attended a meeting and chose to rest at home, preparing for the upcoming hectic week.”

ANC’s Earlier Statements Fuel Speculation

The speculations gained momentum following statements from the ANC’s national spokesperson, Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri.

Bhengu-Motsiri had earlier revealed that Ramaphosa had canceled multiple appearances, including a church service in Mbombela and commitments with the ANC cadre forum in Bushbuckridge. She pointed to an “urgent emergency matter” as the reason for his sudden unavailability.

Echoes of Past Rumors

Interestingly, these rumors about Ramaphosa’s health come shortly after similar speculations surrounded former President Thabo Mbeki.

Last week, false reports about Mbeki’s health began circulating on social media platforms, prompting the Thabo Mbeki Foundation to issue a swift rebuttal, denouncing the fake news.

The Unfolding Narrative

As the political landscape in South Africa continues to evolve, the health and activities of its leaders remain under intense scrutiny.

While official statements aim to provide clarity, the pervasive nature of social media often amplifies rumors and speculations.

For now, President Ramaphosa’s team maintains that he is in good health, emphasizing his continued commitment to his responsibilities as the leader of the nation.

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