What happened to Mike Fuentes? Pierce The Veil is getting back in the game after a years-long halt

The American musician Michael Christopher “Mike” Fuentes was born on December 14, 1984. He is well known for being one of the founding members and the drummer of the post-hardcore band Pierce the Veil, which he started in 2006 with his older brother Vic Fuentes.

Fuentes played percussion for the Isles & Glaciers ensemble. More recently, he started a solo hip-hop project under the stage name Mike, rapping over instrumentals produced by Jaime Preciado, bassist for Pierce the Veil.

In March of 2012, Fuentes signed with Velocity Records.  The two brothers went to senior high school at Mission Bay. Mike was elected “Most Likely to Be Famous” in the yearbook and graduated with the class of 2003.

What happened to Mike Fuentes? Allegations of sexual misdemeanour

In mid-November 2017, Fuentes was charged with statutory rape and soliciting nude photos via AOL Instant Messenger by a minor.

The two had first connected on social media and met in person at a club in Anaheim, California when Fuentes was 24 and the girl was 16.

What happened to Mike Fuentes
Mike Fuentes

The girl claimed that after running into each other again at a later concert, they had intercourse. In her accusations, she has acknowledged withholding her actual age from him.

The purported relationship continued until she turned eighteen and became an adult. He has been accused of sexual assault by a second woman, particularly for asking for nude images from her at the age of fifteen.

How did the band respond to the allegations of sexual misconduct?

In mid-December, the band responded to these allegations. In response to the accusations, Fuentes said on December 16, 2017, that he was taking a vacation from Pierce the Veil. Vic Fuentes, the band’s guitarist and singer, then explained that Mike Fuentes had not been a member since 2017 and would not be on the group’s upcoming album.

Mike periodically shows up on other members’ Instagram stories, and in the spring of 2020, he even made a brief comeback to perform a socially disengaged rendition of one of their songs, suggesting that their ties had endured.

Nevertheless, the circumstances behind his exit continue to be a touchy subject that the band would rather avoid discussing.

The idea is that turbulence is behind them right now. Pierce and their old friend and former let live drummer, Loniel Robinson, are back on the road.

Preciado beams, “We’ve known Loni for a long time; he lives in San Diego like us. He is the man; he’s awesome.” He frequently drops by for a barbecue. Thus, the fit felt really natural.”

It must be wonderful to feel brand-new after emerging from all that darkness. Their zeal is infectious. You would think that another show wouldn’t be a huge thing for Pierce The Veil, given that they have been on the road for almost fifteen years, but they usually are, especially these days.

Preciado recalls, “We all had the same mindset to go 100% when we started this band. It’s one of those things that has never really changed for us,” muses Preciado.

It’s easy to stay involved when you enjoy something as much as we do. Our time is up with this. Pierce the Veil is all set to go on stage and all in!

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