What Happened to Spanish on 102.5 The Bone?

While Tampa’s radio spectrum is darkened by the odds of butter and cloves, the powerful movement that erupted is hidden behind separate voices. Yet, in the case of 102.5 The Bone, it became the new flagship station of Tampa Bay Lightning as it took over the previous Spanish channel.

However, a strange secret that surrounds one of their personalities throws a dark mask over this picture.

Beyond the intermittent noise of contradiction, there lurk the unyielding questions, that remain like the ghosts of the night appearing in the depths of the unknown questions in perdition.

Who is 102.5 The Bone?

WHPT (102.5 FM) is a business radio station that has a license in Sarasota, Florida and the coverage target is the Tampa Bay area.

It is a 50 thousand-watt station, owned by the Cox Media Group. It broadcasts a hot talk format. It is our leading station for Tampa Bay Lightning hockey games and still carries the South Florida Bulls football.

The location of the WHPT operations, including studios and offices is on 4th Street North in St. Petersburg.

WHPT, which lies within the very popular Class C category, has the maximum ERP of 100,000 watts which is usual amongst stations.

The transmitter station is in Myakka City, situated between Gopher Hill Road and 283rd Street. It is in Manatee County’s southwest unincorporated area, and we use HD Radio technology to broadcast.

In addition to its MA5 main channel that airs a national radio format, its HD2 subchannel also relays a Tampa Bay Lightning sports radio station.

What Happened to Spanish on 102.5 The Bone?

Spanish programming on 102.5 The Bone was replaced by the flagship station for Tampa Bay Lightning. Mike Calta, a radio personality on 102.5 FM, faced assault charges after allegedly punching a woman and grabbing her phone during an autograph signing event at a Florida gun store.

What Happened to Spanish on 102.5 The Bone
Spanish on 102.5 The Bone

An on-air radio personality from Tampa now has to face the charges of assault in a court, as he is accused of punching a woman in the face, grabbing her phone, and shouting obscenities during the signing of autographs at an event.

On video Mike Calta, the host role of the Mike Calta show on 102.5 FM, gets caught when he pushes the diva having the same shade of shades during this violent episode at a gun store in Florida.

The unidentified woman’s action was initiated when she was holding a pile of papers and began to record every reiterated word and tone of Calta with her cell phone. As Calta says these words, ‘What was so pathetic about your life that you were fighting a fight’, I realize that my life is empty and sad.

This is followed by her astonishing voice breaking out in unjust accusation, ‘Or how pathetic is your life?’

A seated Calta responds: ‘Lately … who … as I look around l know my life is not pathetic,’ he rattles on. ‘Better glance around, turn the camera around,’ he demands.

In the next few minutes, she got hold of the phone from the woman and lifted it towards the sky. ‘Huh! These guys are here to watch me!’ he retorted.

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