What happened to BeastEater? Latest TikTok Video Creates a Buzz

BeastEater has earned her through social media. She is an American dancer who is a professional choreographer, a fashionista, and a prominent social media figure. She gained popularity through TikTok.

However, recently, she has been making headlines because of her face. Yes, you read it right. It’s because of her face that people are currently concerned about her. And no, it’s not about some sort of plastic surgery or botox to retain her beauty. It is something way more serious this time.

BeastEater’s Social Media Journey

There is not much known about BeastEater’s past life except the fact that she was a lonely and troubled teenager. Her teenage phase was rough.

However, she started her TikTok, which took her to untouched heights. She started her TikTok journey in 2019 and started posting dance videos along with fun lip-sync videos. Her dance videos were what made her viral.

Her first video was vulnerable, but she now laughs about it because it was kind of funny. She improved her skills at dancing with the help of Matt Steffanina’s dancing videos. Steffanina’s videos not only made her a better dancer on the internet but also a better dancer in hip-hop.

Hesitation in the Beginning

During her dance crew journey, she met her current boyfriend, Marcus Olin. In an interview, she revealed that her boyfriend has been the greatest support system in her life. He helped her start a TikTok account. Her boyfriend can be seen with her in many videos.

What happened to BeastEater

Initially, BeastEater had a shorter hairstyle and she wasn’t comfortable showing it to the world so she used to wear wigs. But later, her boyfriend gave her the confidence to put off the wig and show her real hair to the world and when she did that, to her surprise, she got a flood of positive responses.

Sticking to TikTok and YouTube

With Olin’s advice, Margarucci took the step to remove her wig and show her natural hair to the world. She was getting uncomfortable with the wig as it used to fall off her head during dance videos. After the positive comments on the video without a wig, Margarucci’s confidence was boosted as well.

The comments regarding her videos about how hilarious and beautifully choreographed they were made Olin and Margarucci take their YouTube and TikTok careers to another level and reach new heights.

Olin frequently features on Margarucci’s account as well as his own. His presence in the videos makes them reach the greatest extent.

What happened to BeastEater?

BeastEater’s face got a chemical burn and a bacterial infection. Recently, BeastEater uploaded a video on TikTok of 11 seconds in which her face was completely covered by burns.

It looked painful and people got worried for her. Later, it turns out that she used some expired skincare products, which caused her chemical burns and she did not go to the ER immediately, which further ruined her case. Instead of going to the ER, she went to urgent care.

Later, Margarucci used steam on her face, which led to the deterioration of her skin and a bacterial infection. However, it seems like she is getting the right treatment now because her caption on TikTok says how grateful she is for the doctors and staff for treating her right. She has to take some rest and not step out of her house. Hopefully, she will recover well and soon.

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