What happened to Louise Thompson? Louise Thompson Opens Up About Christmas Challenges

Louise Thompson, the former ‘Made in Chelsea’ star, recently took to social media to share her raw feelings about the festive season. The 33-year-old influencer’s health has not been the same since giving birth to her baby boy, Leo. This holiday season, she decided too talk openly about her struggles. Let’s find out what happened to Louise Thompson.

Struggles with Winter Months

In a heartfelt post, Louise began by expressing her difficulties with the winter months, emphasizing her aversion to the festive period. “I’m not very good during the winter months. Nor am I good on special occasions,” she wrote candidly.

What happened to Louise Thompson
Louise Thompson

Breaking away from the common sentiment of joy during Christmas, Louise voiced her genuine feelings, stating, “So unlike most people I know, I don’t relish the idea of Christmas.”

Acknowledging the Struggle

While the season might bring cheer to many, for Louise, it appears to be a time of introspection and acknowledgment of her emotional state.

Apologizing for her feelings, she said, “That’s my truth. I’ve gone and said it. Sorry to anyone I’ve offended. Including my beautiful family.”

Despite the external appearances of a content life, Louise highlighted the internal battles she continues to face. “Things might look gravy. And for the most part, they are,” she admitted.

What happened to Louise Thompson?

Louise Thompson accepted that she is suffering from PTSD following a traumatic childbirth experience with her son Leo in 2021. She admitted to finding the holiday season challenging.

Digging into her mental health journey, Louise acknowledged the challenges of pinpointing the root cause of her struggles. “But somewhere inside me, there still remain a few deep-rooted niggles that are well and truly trapped within my psyche,” she shared.

The former reality star contemplated various factors, from chemical imbalances to hormonal issues, in her quest for answers.

However, in a significant shift towards acceptance, Louise seemed to embrace her reality, stating, “Recently, I’ve learnt to give up and give in as quickly as possible and just accept that it’s probably the wretched ptsd. That’s half the battle. Ha ha. I win.”

Coping Mechanisms and Forward Momentum

Acknowledging her coping mechanisms, Louise revealed her tendency to remain perpetually occupied. “One of my coping mechanisms is to remain occupied at all costs. We’re talking silly levels of busy,” she admitted.

Despite the exhaustion, she continues to prioritize activities, especially with her son Leo, as a distraction from her inner turmoil.

However, Louise recognized the need for change, admitting the challenge of finding balance. “Slowing down creates more space in my brain for strange and unpleasant memories (and sensations) to seep in and I don’t like it,” she confessed. As she navigates her journey towards healing, pausing and self-reflection remain elusive yet essential goals for Louise.

Support and Community Response

Continuing her post in the comments section, Louise was met with an outpouring of support from followers and well-wishers. Many praised her for her honesty and vulnerability, emphasizing the importance of open conversations about mental health.

Louise Thompson’s candid reflections provide a poignant insight into the complexities of mental health, especially during traditionally festive and joyful periods.

By sharing her struggles, Louise not only seeks solace and understanding but also fosters a community of empathy and support.

Her journey serves as a reminder of the significance of self-awareness, acceptance, and the power of community in navigating the intricacies of mental health.

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