What happened to Twomad? Twomad Faces Serious Accusations

On June 24 and 25, a series of alarming allegations surfaced against the YouTuber Muudea Sedik, popularly known as Twomad. Twitter user @GlocksGoldi took the lead in revealing this evidence. Canadian YouTuber and streamer Twomad found himself in hot waters when he posted a controversial tweet on June 24, 2023.

Inappropriate Tweet

Responding to criticism about his online activity, he uploaded a photo of Brianna Ghey with the caption, “I have girlfriend bro look.” Ghey, a 16-year-old transgender girl, had tragically passed away. The tweet sparked outrage, as Twomad seemingly made light of her death.

Despite claiming ignorance about Ghey’s passing, his subsequent tweets defending his actions only intensified the backlash.

What happened to Twomad

Discord Conversation Revelation

The accuser presented a damning screenshot from a Discord conversation with Twomad. In this exchange, Twomad seemingly urged the individual to watch violent content, further intensifying the gravity of the accusations.

Describing Twomad’s Behavior

@GlocksGoldi didn’t mince words, describing Twomad as a “psychopathic person.” Such strong language painted a concerning picture of Twomad’s alleged behavior, further swaying public opinion against him.

What happened to Twomad?

Osu! streamer Goldibell accused Twomad of sexual assault and stalking. On June 24th, 2023, Goldibell tweeted about Twomad’s purported comments regarding the murder of Bianca Michelle Devins, a 17-year-old victim from 2019.

Goldibell also shared alleged Discord conversations between them, suggesting Twomad’s obsession with the tragic incident and his subsequent stalking behavior towards her.

Goldibell further elaborated on her experiences, stating that she met Twomad in October 2021.

By January 2022, she alleges the encounters had turned into a harrowing seven-month period of in-person stalking. She supported her claims with evidence, including videos and text messages, alleging that Twomad even created multiple fake accounts to continue harassing her after being blocked.

Twomad’s Defense and Reactions

In response to the allegations, Twomad vehemently denied the claims. He portrayed Goldibell as an ex-girlfriend trying to gain attention, suggesting she was “clout chasing.”

On social media, Twomad posted memes and tweets defending himself, even attempting to explain away some of his previous actions.

However, when pressed by Twitter users to present his side comprehensively, he declined, leading many to question the sincerity of his earlier apologies.

Denial and Blaming Cancel Culture

In response to the mounting allegations, Twomad has been fervently defending himself on Twitter. One of his primary defenses was to blame the “cancel culture” phenomenon, suggesting he was being unfairly targeted.

Apologies for the Video Misinterpretation

Twomad further elaborated on his defense by claiming that the apology video sent to the victim wasn’t an admission of guilt but rather a desperate attempt to salvage a relationship. This narrative sought to challenge the victim’s portrayal of events.

Discrediting the Accuser

Beyond defending himself, Twomad has taken an aggressive stance against the accuser. He has publicly denounced her and even went as far as labeling her “cringe,” indicating a combative approach to the allegations.

Online Backlash and Memes

As news of the allegations spread across social media, Twomad faced widespread criticism. Many users took this opportunity to condemn his behavior, with some even suggesting he should quit content creation altogether.

Memes and jokes about Twomad’s downfall became rampant, drawing parallels with other internet celebrities embroiled in controversies.

The Twomad sexual assault allegations underscore the complexities of online interactions and the responsibilities that come with a large platform.

While the legal and personal ramifications of these allegations remain to be seen, the incident serves as a reminder of the power dynamics in online relationships and the need for accountability in the digital age.

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