What happened to Anthony Kim’s nose?

The golf world is abuzz with anticipation following Anthony Kim’s reappearance after a 12-year absence. However, it is not only his return that is causing a stir but also the significant changes in his facial features, particularly his nose. But before we delve into the specifics of his nose alteration, let’s take a moment to revisit Anthony Kim and his highly anticipated comeback.

Who is Anthony Kim?

Kim is a Los Angeles native and the sole son of South Korean immigrants. When he was in the starting phase of golf playing, his coaches and his father, Paul, helped him a lot in improving his golf skills.

He was like a magician in golf when he was in college, and his amazing control of golf balls was something that made him stand out in the crowd.

In his early 20s, Kim burst onto the golf scene like a shooting star, grabbing everyone’s attention with his cool and unique style. His determination in golf was next level, smashing powerful shots and finishing with a smooth, extended follow-through.

He moved on the course like a quick-footed boxer, showing off speed with every club, and his impact style was downright special.

Anthony Kim’s comeback after 12 years

Anthony Kim, the prodigy who once rocked the golf world with his belt buckles and bling, is making a comeback after 12 years. His return again shocked the golf world, but this time the shock was full of happiness.

He never openly talked about why he left earlier. Kim’s glory days include winning three times on the PGA Tour and winning one unforgettable Ryder Cup in 2008 at Valhalla.

His new looks at the age of 38 left his fans all over the world forced to think about what’s wrong with his face. The noticeable changes on his face have been highlighted on social media, particularly his nose.

What happened to Anthony Kim’s nose?

Anthony Kim’s nose looks like a “cocaine nose.” Cocaine nose is caused by the excessive consumption of cocaine. Kim’s nose looks exactly like the cocaine nose, and the nasal tissues may have been damaged by excessive cocaine.

What happened to Anthony Kim's nose
Anthony Kim

His nose looks flattened, and there are many reasons behind it, including the use of drugs. But such highly noticeable changes can be a result of plastic surgery on his nose and cheekbones. Plastic surgery can change the facial appearance, and that’s what may have happened in Anthony Kim’s case.

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