What happened to James Hardy? A Tragic Loss of a Promising Talent

James was a talent. He was the kind of child you could accomplish anything with a little encouragement and nudging. Moreover, once he puts his mind to something, there are not enough comebacks, kickouts, or broken boards to stop him from accomplishing his objectives. 

He’s a great kid, and I enjoy being around him. He doesn’t say much because he doesn’t have to, and at seventeen, he is more mature than most. You have to love the kids who still have their sanity intact and will listen to those watching out for them in a world full of whiny kids who feel like they should be given something. -Joel Dembowski

What happened to James Hardy? 

According to media reports, James Hardy passed away in Alabama on Sunday. 

Dee Ostrander, a close friend and professional skateboarder, confirmed Hardy’s passing. Many people lamented the skateboarding athlete’s untimely death on social media platforms. 

James never hesitated to disclose his unsettling medical conditions. After his professional skateboarding career ended, he experienced seizures and brain trauma. According to a report, James suffered a seizure at the time of his death, which proved to be fatal.

You know, he shaved his head and eyebrows in 2010 to show his support for his friend Ryan Ezell, who was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer.

What happened to James Hardy
James Hardy

However, neither a statement from a member of the authorities nor any reliable evidence supports the report.

Professional skateboarder Justin Broke also posted on Instagram about his loss. In a heartfelt note dedicated to James, Broke remembered his “brother from the beginning.”

Perspectives On The Illness And Health Concerns Of James Hardy

James has posted a couple of videos of him having seizures. He has acknowledged that his skateboarding injuries have had an impact on his mental health. Hardy underwent a period of distress but later recovered and was in good health. 

During his illness, Hardy’s mother, Shirley Hardy, has supported him on and off the track. She has also called Hardy “my favorite little guy.”

His fans paid him tribute on social media

“You were an incredible force on a board; we will miss you. Our thoughts go out to James’ family and friends,” one person said on X (Twitter).

“Damn. James Hardy was one of the best skaters to put on for the South. Despite his size and height, he was skilled at landing big landings on his board. It stings because he had one of my favorite lines in Fallen’s “Ride The Sky.” RIP James Hardy,” another one added.

“RIP, James Hardy, The best skateboarder of all time. He was a true Southern gentleman, one of the nicest and most respectful guys in the skating community.

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