What Happened To Zach Ertz? The Ertz Odyssey and NFL’s Shocking Drama Unfold

Unexpectedly, former NFL player J.J. Watt revealed recently—posing as an insider—that tight end Zach Ertz of the Arizona Cardinals has officially asked to be released from the organization.

During Watt’s brief time with the Cardinals, the two developed an unusual bond that is connected with this unexpected turn in Ertz’s career.

Their friendship made the momentous occasion seem like a flawless play—almost like a winning touchdown.

Trade and Quad Woes- From Triumph to Turmoil

When the Cardinals revisited October 15, 2021, they made a calculated acquisition of Ertz from the Philadelphia Eagles in return for cornerback Tay Gowan and a fifth-round selection.

The timing appeared ideal—it fell one week before Watt suffered a shoulder injury in Week 7 that required surgery to halt the season.

Originally added to strengthen the lineup, Ertz is set to leave, and his departure will occur at the same time as Watt’s prophetic prediction.

What Happened To Zach Ertz
Zach Ertz

Ertz has had a difficult 2023 season after missing five games because of a quad injury. Trey McBride, a young player, significantly lessened his influence. A three-time Pro Bowler, Ertz is still in high demand on the NFL market despite his recent setbacks.

What happened to Zach Ertz? Did he leave the Cardinals?

Zach Ertz has officially asked to be released from the Arizona Cardinals. The desire to play for a team that is more competitive than the struggling 2-10 Cardinals is what led Ertz to decide to ask for his release.

Nevertheless, the subtleties of the waiver procedure add complexity to the story. Due to the Cardinals’ calculated scheduling, any team that claims Ertz off waivers will have to pay the full $11.605 million 2023 cap charge in addition to his substantial $2.43 million salary for Week 13.

Given their confidence in Ertz’s potential to contribute, contenders like the Kansas City Chiefs or Baltimore Ravens may find his price tag affordable in the high-stakes world of NFL waivers.

The Philadelphia Eagles may potentially participate given their increased freedom with the salary cap. But even if the non-contending team is tied to the faltering Cardinals, their plan to acquire Ertz is illogical, and it casts doubt on his future.

All indications point to Ertz’s deft move to head back to the City of Brotherly Love amid this chaos.

A storyline that suggests a possible homecoming is created by Ertz’s affinity for Philadelphia, the Eagles’ cap room, and well-timed choices.

The veteran tight end’s future is up to other NFL teams because he is not yet a free agent.

Have you heard any recent rumors from the locker room? Zach Ertz wants to leave Arizona, and J.J. Watt, who is portraying Adam Schefter, revealed this information! Objectives of friendship or shocking news bromance?

Let’s go back to a blockbuster transaction with Ertz, the trade MVP, which was meant to be the Cardinals’ hidden weapon. But wait! With Watt’s shoulder throwing a monkey wrench into the scheme, a surgical time-out was called.

This is when the juicy part comes in. Let’s face it, with the Cardinals sitting at 2-10, Ertz wants out. However, how does the story turn? Any club interested in Ertz would owe a whopping $2.43 million as a result of the waiver game and the Cardinals’ generosity in Week 13.

Ertz may be attracting attention from contenders like the Chiefs and Ravens, like a Black Friday bargain. Drama alert- even the Eagles could drop by for a reunion!

However, Ertz is ready to take the chance that non-contenders on the waiver line may ruin the party, so proceed with caution.

And what do you know? He could get a call from Philly back. Cap space, well-timed choices, and Ertz’s infatuation with the City of Brotherly Love all come together well.

Well, guys, he’s still not a free agent, so we’ll have to wait and watch this ongoing NFL soap drama. Await the upcoming “As Ertz Turns” episode.

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