5SOS: A brief Introduction of the Band

5SOS, also known as 5 Seconds Of Summer, is a renowned pop-rock band hailing from Australia. Established in 2011, the band initially consisted of three members and was later finalized in December of the same year.

Following the formation of the band, they embarked on sharing their renditions of well-known songs through YouTube.

Yes, they got their initial identity and fame through YouTube and they started to get viral on YouTube so quickly. They were doing extremely well and growing so fast that One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan noticed them and that is how they got their huge opportunity to shine.

In 2013, they got a chance to tour with One Direction and the name of the tour was “Take Me Home Tour”. That was the biggest moment in their life and boosted their career.

Since then their journey has been going smoothly but recently the news of their breakup shook their fans and we are going into the depth of this news.

5SOS Band Members

  • Luke Hemmings: Lead vocals and rhythm guitar
  • Ashton Irwin: Drums and vocals
  • Calum Hood: Bass guitar and vocals
  • Michael Clifford: Lead guitar and vocals

Did 5SOS break up: Fact Check

No, 5SOS did not break up. They have undergone periods of individual pursuits but remain intact as a band, focusing on personal projects while assuring fans of ongoing music endeavors.

The 5SOS band took a break in 2016 so that they could get some rest from the extensive amount of tours they were having. They also wanted to think more creatively about their upcoming projects and the break lasted 2 years. After that, they again combined and started working on more projects which got released further.

In 2020, Ashton released his solo music album and showed his individual creative work. His group members greatly praised it. That time it was also said that the group was going to split. But 5SOS made it clear that working on individual projects doesn’t mean a breakup or split of the whole band.

5SOS: A brief Introduction of the Band

In 2023, they made the decision to separate from their longstanding management and American record label. This marked a transition from being a collective band to pursuing solo endeavors. They emphasized that their separation was not permanent and expressed a desire to delve into personal projects.

5SOS new music videos in 2024 and 2025

As of today, 24-03-2024, there is no official news related to any upcoming releases from 5SOS. However, their recent split has given the members the freedom from group projects and extensive tours which they can utilize to create great individual music.

You can expect to see new MVs from them shortly, as they are currently focusing on their individual projects. Stay updated by regularly checking their official social media accounts for the latest updates.

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