Ben Azelart and Hannah break up? A look into their relationship

Navigating the highs and lows of internet fame, Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas have intrigued audiences with their adventurous spirits and undeniable chemistry.

From skateboard ramps to the glitzy lights of Instagram, their journey together has sparked intrigue and admiration.

But as the digital world watches eagerly, questions about their current relationship status hover like cliffhangers at the end of a gripping series.

Join us as we look into the vibrant worlds of Ben Azelart, a skateboarding prodigy turned YouTube sensation, and Hannah Thomas, an Instagram starlet whose beauty and travel escapades have charmed the hearts of many.

Who are Ben Azelart and Hannah?

At the age of nine, American skateboarder, content creator, social media influencer, and YouTube vlogger Ben Azelart began his skating career.

He has participated in numerous skateboarding competitions, such as King of the Groms and the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii. But when he uploaded his debut video, “The Start Of My Youtube!” he became well-known.

Instagram sensation Hannah Thomas is well-known for her modeling-related posts. Hannah Thomas has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram.

In August 2020, she shared her first Instagram photo, which featured her brand-new house. On her Hannah Thomas TikTok, she shares travel, beauty, and modeling-related content.

She has witnessed the platform’s videos garner over 6 million likes in total. With over a million views, her TikTok video about visiting Cabo has gained popularity.

Did Ben Azelart and Hannah break up?

There is no confirmation regarding Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas’s breakup.

They both started dating in the middle of 2021.

The couple started to show up more often on each other’s social media posts, which suggested their friendship had taken a romantic turn.

Ben Azelart and Hannah break up
Ben Azelart and Hannah

Azelart shared many Valentine’s Day pictures of himself and Hannah online to formally announce their relationship. Ben wrote, “Valentine’s Day polaroids,” as the caption for the February 15, 2022, photo. 

Judging from their social media posts, Ben and Hannah seem to enjoy hanging out. She participated in a kissing contest that was shared on Ben Azelart’s page in the middle of July 2022.

Despite reaching the competition final, Hannah and Azelart were unable to win the $10,000 reward that Dom Brack and Sofie Dossi were awarded.

Fans will return time and time again to search the content for confirmation of who their favorite social media star is dating, only to discover a never-ending trail of breadcrumbs.

Those who create content benefit when more people engage with it. Although Ben Azelart was a master at this kind of click-baiting, it seems that he has given up on it in his partnership with model Hannah Thomas.

Controversies about Ben Azelart

Ben is currently dating Hannah Thomas, but he did not rule out rekindling his romance with Lexi in the future. Social media posts show that Azelart and Lexi are still close friends.

We found out about Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera’s relationship when they broke up in November 2020. It was said that the two had dated intermittently for a number of years.

There was never any official word regarding the couple’s relationship, despite fans’ speculation. In the heartfelt split video, the couple declared their love for one another and their intention to remain friends.

They said that the pressures of dating in public played a part in their breakup. Social media posts show that Azelart and Lexi are still close friends. Ben dated Brighton Sharbino, an actress, prior to Lexi.

The couple did not disclose their relationship to others; Sharbino only brought it up after their split. Ben was described by Brighton as the ideal boyfriend in a video that her sister, Saxon Sharbino, shared in late June 2020.

Brighton also mentioned that the two had an amicable breakup. Ben is a YouTuber who, usually with friends, takes part in a range of challenges for videos on his own channel.

A large number of the challenges are physical, and the victor is paid. Ben’s channel has around 9 million subscribers. With over 15 million followers on TikTok, Ben Azelart regularly shares humorous clips and new challenges.

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