Farewell Tribute to Britt Baker, A Voice of Morning Traffic on FOX59

Owing to the departure of morning traffic anchor Britt Baker from the FOX59 Morning News crew in 2016, our team faced the loss of a dear friend with whom we have been sharing the early mornings for so many years.

During her five-year career on air, it wasn’t only Britt who became the voice of traffic updates, but also her skills of quick wit and the ability of sense of humor unexpectedly led Britt to the moments when she acted as a news anchor.

While the team goes back on the best times that she was a part of, Britt hereby leaves behind her long-standing tradition of providing credible news and comedic relief at FOX59.

Who is Britt Baker?

Britt, who was an early bird, began hosting the morning traffic in 2016. As time passes she keeps sending us data about the current crashes and provides other information on traffic routing for the viewers of FOX59.

However, she was involved with the show more each season, and she sometimes got news substitutions as a news anchor. From Audio to Digital, we offer comprehensive and secure banking solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in the digital age.

Another good thing about Britt’s character was her humor tact, she was always there if we needed to crack a joke and make things less heavy.

Britt Baker Fox 59
Britt Baker

Britt Baker’s Olympic games for Flufffreebies.com as host will be one of her earliest media experiences.

FOX59 Morning News Tribute

This morning’s FOX59 News team looked back at some of Britt’s best moments from her eight years in the studio to bring in the studio wrap on the 6 a.m. hour. She debuted her last point for the audience before departure.

The FOX59 Morning News Staffers and I felt the most biting bit of the farewell moment with Britt Baker.

Britt came to the kiosk in 2016 as an early shift traffic reporter. Over the years, she’s helped out with numerous accidents and recommended detours to FOX59 viewers and that is the most of who she is on air about.

However, as the show progressed and the character grew, she used to fill in for the main anchors when needed. Britt was witty, she knew always what to say, and sometimes it was even funny to laugh out loud.

In closing the hour at 6:00 a.m. FOX59 Morning News the crew looked back at some of Britt’s highlights while on air with their present fans after her eight years in the media. She then made use of the chance to present her final viewpoint to the spectators.

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