Daisy Blooms’ Hidden Identity is Worth Knowing, Along with Messi Controversy

Daisy Blooms has made her name through TikTok. She became one of the most-followed TikTokers. Blooms make videos on dance, modeling, and lifestyle-related content. Blooms have always been in the limelight.

Most of her videos go viral, and she can be seen dancing to the latest trends. However, a few months ago, she ended up in a controversy with Lionel Messi.

Daisy’s Unique Lifestyle

Daisy Blooms is just 22 and she has created a luxurious and unique lifestyle for herself. Her dancing videos are the most viral, along with others where she can be seen doing fun stuff. Even though she has gained popularity on TikTok, she remains a creator on OnlyFans.

She has made a chunk of money through OnlyFans and later joined TikTok and Instagram to spread her charisma everywhere.

Messi and Blooms’ Internet Controversy

A few months ago, one of the videos of Daisy Blooms went viral. The video seemed cryptic to its users as Blooms’ face flashed on a camera and she asked, “Did you see your pic on Messi’s trophy?” and her voice faded with the video as it ended.

The video went so viral that it got over 10 million views and over 800k likes. But the question remains: what is the meaning of the written text? Well, after that, many users seemed confused so some other users made it clear.

The video comes with a link that users generally post because it shows some explicit photos of the user at the World Cup or any trophy.

The links generally take the user to the creator’s OnlyFans profile and they can watch the content if they have subscribed to the channel.

This Brings Out the Question, Why Messi?

The answer to why Daisy Blooms chose Messi remains uncertain but there can be many reasons behind it. At that time, Messi was going viral for his latest trophy.

His name was trending on social media along with the trophy so maybe that could be the reason to use his name for attention. Or maybe just because Messi is a famous figure and using his name would always benefit acquiring viewers and followers.

Any other reason is not known or cannot be guessed but Blooms never revealed the reason behind using Messi’s name.

Daisy Blooms' Hidden Identity is Worth Knowing, Along with Messi Controversy
Daisy Blooms

Daisy Blooms’ Real Name

The TikTok user Daisy Blooms’ real name is Jameliz Benitez Smith. The TikTok user Daisy Blooms has gained millions of followers on both TikTok and Instagram. Her content goes viral now and then and her strategy to attract an audience makes it even more eye-catchy.

Just like using Messi’s name, she became a trendsetter for attracting audiences. She goes by the name Jameliz Benitez Smith on Instagram and her username is jellybeanbrainss. Her OnlyFans account gives insights into her world.

Her content entertains audiences and her content is always unique and good to see. She was born on June 9, 2001, yet at such a young age, she is financially independent and also earns millions.

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