Did Ben and Hannah break up? Who is Hannah to Ben Azelart?

Martin Gero, the showrunner of Quantum Leap, has hinted at how Ben and Hannah’s relationship will develop in season two, revealing that it will come to an end in the season finale.

During season 2, episode 8, the time-crossed lovers met once more, this time confessing their feelings for one another. This establishes the framework for the remainder of the season, which will undoubtedly examine how their relationship develops despite Ben’s time travel.

In an interview with NBC, Gero stated that Ben and Hannah’s relationship will receive a fitting, satisfying resolution by the end of Quantum Leap season 2.

The showrunner compared each season to a book, teasing that the duo’s ending will be a crowd-pleasing turn of events. See what Gero had to say about this below:

Our promise to the audience in this version of the show is that we treat each season like a book in a series of novels you like. This is a story that will have a conclusion this season. It will be fulfilling, substantial, and unexpected.

Who are Ben and Hannah Thomas?

Ben Azelart is an American actor, skateboarder, and YouTube sensation who was born on January 10, 2002. His humorous and adventurous videos on TikTok and YouTube have made him well-known.

Azelart began his journey into YouTube fame in 2014 and has garnered over nine million subscribers with over one billion views.

On the same token, Hannah was born on August 30, 2000, in the USA. She could be identified primarily by her boyfriend, Ben Azelart, a well-known YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers.

In 1949, Hannah happened to enter his life. They later reconnected in the 1950s. When they reconnected in the 1960s, it became evident that they were meant to be together and had a lot in common.

Did Ben and Hannah break up?

No, Ben and Hannah never really broke up. Hannah did not want to go, but eventually, Ben moved and they stopped talking.

Did Ben and Hannah break up
Ben and Hannah

Unfortunately, Ben does not end up with Hannah. He keeps leaping forward and watches her and her son age. She ends up moving after the death of her husband, saddened, but not completely heartbroken because she knows Ben is still out there.

In a TikTok video, the couple announced that they have parted ways. However, their fans believe that the video is fake and that it was just for Ben’s video.

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