Did Ben Azelart and Hannah break up? All about their relationship

Certain celebrities on social media have devised a clever strategy to maintain fan interest: hinting at romantic relationships without outright confirming them.

Fans will return time and time to search the content for confirmation of who their favorite social media star is dating, only to discover a never-ending trail of breadcrumbs.

As more people interact with their posts, the creators profit. Ben Azelart was an expert at that type of click-baiting, but it appears that he has given up on it in his relationship with Hannah Thomas, the model.

Hannah Thomas and Ben Azelart started dating in 2021

Midway through 2021, Ben Azelart and Hannah Thomas began dating. The couple started to show up more often on each other’s social media posts, which suggested their friendship had taken a romantic turn.

Azelart shared amorous Valentine’s Day pictures of himself and Hannah online to formally announce their relationship.

Ben and Hannah appear to enjoy spending time together based on their posts on social media. She participated in a kissing contest that was shared on Ben Azelart’s page in the middle of July 2022.

Did Ben Azelart and Hannah break up
Ben Azelart and Hannah

Despite reaching the competition final, Hannah and Azelart were unable to win the $10,000 reward that Dom Brack and Sofie Dossi were awarded.

Is Hannah Thomas a model?

Hannah Thomas is an unwavering American media star who is primarily portrayed as a model; she is also colloquially referred to as a “beauty bellwether.” She was born on August 30th, 2000, in the USA.

Did Ben Azelart and Hannah break up?

No official announcement has been made about their breakup. Yes, they have posted a video in which they said, they have separated their ways.

However, viewers have taken it as a prank. One fan commented on their post, they did it for a video “Who can get most followers in 24 hours” so it’s a joke. Whereas another commented, I knew it was a prank I watched the video.

So, we can’t make any judgment until we receive any confirmation from the couple.

Azelart previously dated Lexi Rivera and Brighton Sharbino

When Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera split up in November 2020, that is when we learned about their relationship. It was said that the two had dated intermittently for several years. Although fans had conjectured about the couple’s relationship, there was never any official word.

The couple expressed their love for one another and their resolve to stay friends in the tearful breakup video. They attributed part of their breakup to the pressures of dating in public.

Online relationships are an entirely different matter. We were young when this all began, so it was not easy and it was confusing for us.

We transitioned from teenagers to adults during some of the most transformative years of our lives. Over time, it became somewhat overly intricate and perplexing.”

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