Did Boosted and Kayla break up? Street Outlaws’ Love Story Revs Up

Street Outlaws, the adrenaline-fueled reality TV show, has gripped audiences for six heart-pounding seasons, showcasing talented street racers pushing their limits on the road with high-performance cars.

Among the intriguing stories, the relationship between Kayla Morton and Boosted GT, aka Chris Hamilton, stands out as a captivating subplot for fans.

From Competition to Love

The love story between Boosted and Kayla began on the racing track, where they faced off against each other on Street Outlaws.

Did Boosted and Kayla break up
Boosted and Kayla

Despite Kayla’s determined efforts to outpace Boosted, he proved to be significantly faster.

Prior to their official relationship, the two were acquainted within the racing industry through mutual friends.

However, it wasn’t until Big Chief invited Kayla to join the reality TV show that their romantic journey took off.

Subsequent to racing against one another, Kayla and Boosted went into a romantic connection as well as pursued an important life choice.

They chose to move in together in Texas, cementing their obligation to one another.

The couple then left on the excursion of beginning a family, welcoming two children into the world.

Turbulence in Love

Likewise with any rollercoaster romance, Boosted and Kayla confronted a difficult period in 2021 when reports surfaced of their breakup.

As indicated by sources close to the couple, they chose to head out in different directions, and episodes of Street Outlaws during that time indicated the effort to stay away from one another and stay out of control.

The once inseparable couple appeared to navigate the intricacies of their own lives while still devoted to their common enthusiasm for racing.

Did Boosted and Kayla break up?

No, Boosted and Kayla are still together. For fans invested in the romance between Boosted GT and Kayla Morton, there’s uplifting news, as it appears that the pair is still pushing ahead.

A look into their Instagram profiles uncovers a promising story. Previously archived posts, including Boosted on Kayla’s page, have reemerged; it is fit as a fiddle to propose their love.

In August 2022, Kayla even portrayed Boosted as “dreamy” and shared how he “spoiler her rotten.”

A Need for Speed and One another

Kayla shared a post on March 8, inscribing a long portrayal of how Boosted and she are a team and are there for one another’s support.

She additionally referenced that they are as yet dealing with their goals and communication and finally, she added,  “And Just like that we’re just us. It’s not over complicated.

It’s genuine. It’s perfect. Well, it’s my perfect.” This obviously expresses that they are not over one another and are still together and in love.

Past the high-speed universe of street racing, Kayla’s Instagram offers a brief look into their family life.

The couple shares two children, Austin and Cooper, and the posts including their kids portray an affectionate and cherishing family.

As the racing devotees’ number one couple, it appears that Boosted and Kayla are taking in the ride together.

Love Reignited

Kayla on March 16, 2023, wished Boosted on his birthday with “Happy Birthday Babe” and “I love you, our roller coaster life, and the constant adventure we’re on,” adding on in the caption.

The birthday post was a reel on Instagram where Boosted, Kayla, and their children could be seen sharing a few superb minutes together.

The reel was a cute assemblage of photographs and recordings of Boosted with Kayla and the children.

Their latest post was again on Kayla’s Instagram handle, where the couple can be seen promoting their merch.

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