Did James and Ally break up? What is the relationship status of Kennedy and Lewber?

James Kennedy’s romantic status was closely linked to that of his Vanderpump Rules co-star Raquel Leviss for a considerable amount of time. But the couple ended their engagement, and as the world knows, she controversially moved on with Tom Sandoval.

Likewise, James moved on with Ally Lewber. The couple began dating in January 2022, six weeks after Kennedy broke off his engagement to his Vanderpump Rules castmate Raquel Leviss. Lewber saw Kennedy for the first time when he went to see Tom Sandoval’s band, The Most Extras, perform live.

What is the current state of James and Ally’s relationship? Here are the couple’s statements about one another and the current state of their relationship.

Did James and Ally break up?

No, James and Ally have broken up. It’s been two years since Ally and James Kennedy started dating, and their relationship is stronger than ever. The couple not only shares a home but also raises Mr. Banks, a cat, and Hippie, a gorgeous dog.

Did James and Ally break up
James and Ally

James shares his flourishing romance with Ally on social media, highlighting their affection and support for each other.

Not every fan is supporting James and Ally’s romance

James has doubted the timing of his recent romantic involvement. “I met Ally about five or six weeks after Raquel and I broke up,” he remarked in the Season 10 premiere.

However, there are other reasons why fans are not exactly devoted to the pair. To be fair, some fans adore the pair. One of them commented on James’ Instagram, saying, “You and Ally deserve the best.”

Several viewers criticized James for his actions toward Ally while intoxicated, saying, “With all due respect, James, you have zero room to be so gleeful about this.” As this is going on, Ally starts to doubt her relationship with James after witnessing her boyfriend argue with Ariana Madix over dinner in Mexico.

In the end, a reality couple’s relationship is definitely under the microscope on social media for a variety of reasons. But James and Ally from Vanderpump Rules are together and not bothered by any past drama or what anyone else has to say about their love.

Why did James and his fiancé break up?

Eventually, during this season of Vanderpump Rules, Raquel got up the courage to break things off. Raquel brought up James’s complaint that he lacked a humorous plot, pointing out that he had been preoccupied with “not supporting me emotionally the way that I needed to be supported.”

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