Did Molly Mae and Tommy break up? How long did Molly-Mae and Tommy last?

Molly-Mae Hague fans have become concerned for her romance with Tommy Fury, as she looked sensational in her holiday snaps.

After meeting on the ITV2 dating show in 2019, the boxer, 25, and the Love Island star, 24, got engaged. After that, they welcomed their daughter Bambi into the world last year, and Tommy proposed in style over the summer. Molly-Mae and Tommy have shared their lives with their fanbase on social media over the years, yet many have become concerned in recent weeks.

Fans became suspicious that there was trouble in paradise when their posts became very quiet. Molly-Mae failed to acknowledge Tommy’s 25th birthday online earlier this month, while Tommy hasn’t been liking or commenting on his fiancée’s posts.

Scroll down to learn, did the couple separated their ways.

Did Molly Mae and Tommy break up?

When Molly-Mae Hague neglects to post on her fiancé Tommy Fury’s birthday, it causes division among fans.

Molly-Mae posted pictures from her celebrations and received an overwhelming amount of praise. Many of her admirers dubbed the picture of her that she posed in a black strapless dress as the most beautiful one they had ever seen. “Wow, best picture of you ever!” exclaimed one. One more person said, “Wow, so beautiful!” A third added: “So stunning.”

Did Molly Mae and Tommy break up
Molly Mae and Tommy

Tommy did not liked or commented on the post, though. Tommy’s posts last week were ignored by Molly-Mae when he disclosed that he had taken a plane to Dubai. He wrote: “The calm before the storm. Ready for the best week, let’s go @tysonfury.” 

Fans shared their thoughts as one commented: “This feels so weird. Where is ‘Molly-Mae’ guys?” “I do not like that there is something going on here with him and Molly-Mae,” said one commenter. Another conjecture went something like this: “Guys, I think they broke up.” I have a feeling that something negative has occurred.”

Molly-Mae took off her £600,000 engagement ring in November of last year after Tommy was seen having fun with singer Chris Brown while visiting Abu Dhabi.

Later, she appeared to address the scandal in a video she posted on her YouTube channel, this time without her ring: “I have been going through it in more ways than one.” I hope that in a week or so, I will be in a mental, physical, and emotional place where I can resume filming quality content for you guys and return to my channel. Please be patient, as I desperately want to get back to you all.”

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