Did Mykie and Anthony break up? Anthony and Mykie’s YouTube Journey

Have you ever found yourself thinking about YouTube stars’ lives outside of the platform because you were so intrigued by their lives? One of these fascinating tales features Anthony Padilla, a well-known and humorous figure on the internet.

However, beneath his public persona on the internet lies a heartwarming love tale. You can find all the information you require about his personal life in this post.

YouTube has supported the growth of creators Daniel Anthony Padilla and Lauren “Mykie” Mychal Mountain by solidifying their path to success and combining their professional trajectories.

The pair is still very popular on the internet, despite their divergent content. Their fans are curious as to whether the two are still together.

Who is Anthony Padilla?

American citizen Daniel Anthony Padilla, 35, hails from Sacramento, California. In 2005, he and his friend Ian Hecox embarked on their journey on YouTube.

The two decided to launch a YouTube channel called Smosh, where they would upload sketch comedy videos.

With roughly 25.7 million subscribers, the channel has become quite well-known among YouTubers. In addition to YouTube, he has had great success in the roles of actor, voice actor, and interviewer. In 2017, he departed from Smosh and started his own YouTube channel.

Brief Background on Mykie

Mychal Mountain, a 33-year-old makeup artist and host of the YouTube channel Glam&Gore, is also referred to online as Mykie. She primarily posts videos on challenges, prosthetic makeup tutorials, and occasionally ghost-hunting videos. She was raised in Philadelphia before relocating to Los Angeles to finish her film studies.

She learned her extraordinary skills in prosthetic makeup from her time working in the cast of a haunted house attraction. She began her journey as a YouTuber in 2014, and her channel and skills caught the eye of many.

Moreover, she garnered quite a steady number of subscribers within the first year. Now Glam & Gore has around 4 million subscribers.

Did Mykie and Anthony break up?

No, they are still going strong and together.

According to sources, Anthony began dating Mykie in secret for five months following his breakup with Miel Bredouw in 2019. September 2019 marked the public announcement of their relationship. In summary, as of right now, the two remain together. 

Did Mykie and Anthony break up
Mykie and Anthony

Anthony has expressed his desire to get married in the future. He had no example of a positive relationship between his parents. When Anthony was still a small child, they got divorced, and his mother and grandparents raised him. Mykie and Anthony, who are both in their thirties, appear to be in a stable relationship.

All that is left for fans to do is wish the couple luck and anxiously await the big announcement of their engagement.

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