Did Natalie and Todd break up? A look into their relationship

In the whirlwind stories of social media celebrities, where personal lives often become the heart of public fascination, the love story of Natalie Noel and Toddy Smith unfurled like a modern-day romance novel, capturing the hearts of millions.

From their playful exchanges on Instagram to their heartwarming appearances in vlogs, Natalie, a rising star with a magnetic charm, and Todd, a former Vine sensation turned YouTuber, painted the digital skies with their love.

Yet, as the pages turned, their relationship journey encountered twists that led fans down a path of intrigue and speculation. Here, we look deep into the tale of Natalie and Todd, exploring the highs and lows of their relationship.

Join us as we unravel the story of Natalie and Todd.

Who are Natalie and Todd?

Natalie Noel is a social media personality, model, and Instagram star from America. Her birthday is December 1st, 1996.

She became well-known very soon after becoming the best friend and assistant to well-known YouTuber David Dobrik. Her notoriety increased as a result of the attention she received from her appearances on David’s vlogs.

On Vine, Todd (Toddy) Smith first gained popularity. Natalie Noel was born and raised in Vernon Hills, Illinois. She attended a private high school in Vernon Hills before earning her degree from Lake Forest College in Illinois, USA.

On July 10, 2021, in the Mondrian Hotel in Miami, Natalie Noel became well-known for her involvement in the swimsuit show.

Did Natalie and Todd break up?

Yes, Toddy Smith and Natalie Noel are no longer together. Todd declared he was done dating Natalie in an All Good Things podcast episode.

Details-wise, Todd joked that he did not begin therapy soon enough, claiming that he began seeing a therapist prior to him and Natalie calling it quits.

Did Natalie and Todd break up
Natalie and Todd

Todd said that his relationship with himself suffered as a result of his self-imposed misery. Natalie was also thought to be seeing a man by the name of Shawn Nelson.

She seems to have removed all evidence of Shawn from her Instagram, though.

Fans and friends around the world are curious and concerned about what caused the once-dynamic duo to officially call it quits, having painted social media with their love story since February 2020.

Natalie and Todd’s story of love appeared to be a fairytale adapted for the digital age.

As their journey came to fruition in the first few months of 2020, it was a mixture of touching experiences and dreams that they shared, all while being closely observed by a growing number of people.

The last post that Natalie and Todd exchanged was near the end of March 2023. Though they are still unfounded, there were many rumors that Todd had cheated on Natalie; their breakup was due to personal issues rather than a scandal.

Before they mutually decided to split up, their relationship—which was characterized by public displays and social media presence—went through a significant evolution.

They broke up because of rumors about Todd cheating that circulated on websites like Reddit. These have not been tested, though. There is no concrete evidence of infidelity, and the reasons for their breakup are kept confidential.

It appears that personal issues, not conflict, caused their breakup.

How did Natalie and Todd start dating?

Social media celebrity Natalie Noel and YouTuber Todd Smith sparked dating rumors by posting amusing content on social media and making appearances together.

Their captivating relationship became more well-known. They made romantic moves and publicly expressed their affection, but ultimately made the decision to split up.

Their path from potential romance to breakup has generated a lot of discussion. Jenn Mariduena is Natalie Noel’s mother, and Homero Mariduena is her father. Isa Mariduena and Lauren Mariduena are her two sisters.

Over 300,000 people followed Toddy Smith on Vine, an online video platform. He worked closely with Scotty Sire, with whom he currently resides.

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