Did Nick and Malena break up? Who are Nick and Malena?

Nick and Malena, a couple who both stream on Twitch, have been together since 2017 after meeting through their friend SodaPoppin. As of February 2024, they had over 1.2 million followers on their joint channel, nmplol, which they run together while living together in Texas.

Nick was involved in the founding of OTK (One True King), an esports and entertainment-focused organization that hosts competitions and events for various video games. He even competed in the OTK Valorant Invitational with his team in November 2023.

Whereas, Malena is celebrated for her cooking and her sharp wit, often appearing alongside Nick during his streams to chat with viewers.

Nick and Malena entertain their audience on a shared Twitch channel, boasting over 800,000 followers. Their content is varied; it includes gaming sessions with games like Rust, Fall Guys, and Mario Kart, as well as cooking streams where they prepare different dishes and engage with viewers.

They often collaborate with other streamers, either inviting them over or teaming up online.

But what happened to the happy streamer couple? Did Nick and Malena break up in 2024?

Did Nick and Malena break up in 2024?

No, Nick and Malena did not break up.

The rumor started when Nick appeared on ExtraEmily’s stream and casually mentioned that Malena might retire from streaming this year. He also said that 2024 will be a rough year for him because of his father getting old and Malena retiring. 

Did Nick and Malena break up
Nick and Malena

Some fans and viewers took this as a hint that Nick and Malena might not be together anymore or that they are having problems in their relationship. They expressed their shock and grief on Reddit, where they were met with mostly indifference.

Malena, Nmplol’s girlfriend, may give up streaming…

During a recent stream on ExtraEmily’s channel, Nick “nmplol” disclosed that his girlfriend, Malena, is planning to retire from streaming. Additionally, Nmplol stated in the video that 2024 will be difficult for him due to his father’s aging and Malena’s retirement.

The majority of what viewers see of Nick’s girlfriend on their shared Twitch channel are her IRL cooking streams.

After Nick’s comments went viral on Reddit, viewers and admirers were shocked to discover that Malena had retired.

A Redditor expressed his hope that the news was untrue, claiming that Malena is the one who hosts their Twitch streams.

In the video, Nick said he would be concentrating on his health this year after discussing Malena’s retirement.

Recently, Nmplol received a nomination for The Streamer Awards 2024’s Best Shared Channel category. Some users go so far as to say that she is the reason Nick’s channel is becoming more and more popular and subscriber-rich.

Nick would be the only user streaming on the channel since Malena was retiring. Many users are not happy about the news.

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