Did Shannon and Becky break up? When did Shannon and Becky start dating?

American YouTuber, actress, photographer, director, creative director, and LGBT advocate Shannon Beveridge was born on March 19, 1992. Originally from Texas, she launched her nowthisisliving YouTube channel in 2012 and currently boasts more than 600,000 subscribers. She took home the 9th Shorty Awards’ Best LGBTQ+ YouTube Channel and the 2017 British LGBT Award’s LGBT+ Celebrity Rising Star Award in 2017.

After getting separated from Fletcher, Shannon dated LA influencer Becky Missal from 2021 to 2023.

Did Shannon and Becky break up?

Yes, Shannon and Becky have broken up. The last time they posted anything together was at the end of August, and in October, someone on TikTok suggested they were no longer together.

Fletcher and Beveridge dated from 2017 to 2020 but seemed to split amicably. Beveridge directed and cinematographed “S(EX) Tapes,” a visual album that Fletcher released in 2020.

Long after “Becky’s So Hot” was released, Shannon Beveridge and Becky’s relationship remained strong, and Shannon never aged noticeably. Their happiness inspired additional happiness among their fans.

In August, they took a very romantic trip to Spain. On August 28th, Becky posted a TikTok she’d made with Shannon to the sound of Olivia Rodrigo’s “Bad Idea Right?” which seems to be the last time they posted anything together.

Rumors of the breakup began swirling around the end of October.  On November 23rd, Shannon posted a video with the caption “exes & woesss,” in which she looked at the camera while a voiceover sound said: “I was taught that keeping quiet kept the peace.

I watched another video with the caption, “mentally preparing for all the ‘what happened with you and ____?’ until I realized whose peace it is keeping.”

What is going on with Becky Missal, Shannon Beveridge, and Fletcher?

The drama involving Fletcher, Shannon, and Becky started on July 11 when Fletcher posted a teaser of a new song on TikTok. Even though some of the lyrics were removed, fans immediately surmised that the singer was mouthing the line “Becky’s so hot,” which they took to be a reference to Beveridge’s new partner, Missal.

Did Shannon and Becky break up
Shannon and Becky

While dating from 2017 to 2020, Fletcher and Beveridge did not appear to part ways amicably. “S(EX) TAPES,” a visual album that Beveridge directed and cinematographed, was released by Fletcher in 2020.

To make things even more dramatic, Shannon and Becky begin promoting a limited release of vintage-inspired t-shirts with the word “Becky” printed on them — a nod to the lyrics in Fletcher’s track.

Now that the shirts are sold out, a portion of the proceeds will be given to The Trevor Project, an organization that helps LGBTQ youth avoid suicide and get crisis support.

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