Did Victoria Fuller and Greg break up? Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller’s relationship drama

There has been a lot of conjecture among Bachelor Nation: Did Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo end their relationship? Let’s look into the drama and understand the hints that point to a potential split.

The Silence on Social Media- The Mysterious Hints

Victoria and Greg used to be the picture-perfect couple, showing off their love to the world on social media. However, enthusiasts detected a big shift in July 2023.

Their once-adoring posts stopped, and on June 3rd, Greg’s birthday celebration was the last time they featured each other. Cue the furrowed brows and dubious remarks from perceptive followers.

“Did she and Greg get separated? One fan commented, “I haven’t seen them together in a while,” under Victoria’s Instagram image from July 21. One more person commented, “You’re blogging a lot, girl. Greg has to be feeling excluded. Please just pour the tea now.”

Did Victoria Fuller and Greg break up?

It is still unclear what Victoria Fuller and Greg’s relationship status really is. Bachelor Nation’s Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo sparked breakup rumors in July 2023 amid social media silence. While their recent Italian vacation suggests reconciliation, fans are still speculating.

Victoria chose to play detective and give a hint of her own as breakup rumors abounded. It seemed that sharing a picture of Greg in Nashville would quell the doubters.

Was that an old photo, though? Victoria swiftly silenced her skeptics by bombarding her feed with further photos from their Nashville adventure with the comment, “Weekend Diary.” Solved the mystery? Not exactly.

The Italian Getaway- The Johnny Drama

We were about to give up on V&G until they pulled a surprise move. Envy-inducing selfies from the couple’s romantic holiday in Italy deluged our timelines. Is this their final attempt to save their love, or are they back on track?

Did Victoria Fuller and Greg break up
Victoria Fuller and Greg

Let’s go back to the start of this fast-paced love story. It had just cooled off that Victoria was engaged to her BIP co-star Johnny DePhillipo when there were rumors of her having an affair with Greg. Was there any cheating involved? Was Victoria a premature jumper? The story becomes more complex.

The Bachelor Nation Connection

One thing is certain- Victoria and Greg are familiar with the Bachelor franchise, even though the specific beginning of their love tale is still unknown. While Greg made headlines on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, Victoria competed for Peter Weber’s affections on The Bachelor season 24.

Their paths met at a dinner party thrown by none other than Nick Viall, a former cast member of Bachelor Nation, which sparked their romantic relationship.

Have Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo decided to call it quits, or are they still together? Although the verdict is still out, one thing is certain- Bachelor Nation is obsessed with this tumultuous affair.

One thing is certain, though, as we anxiously await the next installment: love in the spotlight is never an easy trip. Watch this space for more intriguing tidbits of information about the world of reality TV romance.

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