Has Corpse Husband Finally Shown His Face? Updates on the Mystery

When it comes to streaming and content creation, Corpse Husband is a name that garners distinct recognition. He is praised for his unusually deep voice, death metal music taste, and paradoxically positive demeanor, all of which have had a big impact on the internet community.

In 2015, he began narrating horror stories and true crime incidents on YouTube. Users were captivated by his deep, unique voice, and his videos were made even more fascinating by the fact that he never revealed his face.

The online celebrity has not been active on his social media accounts since November 2021, when his most recent YouTube video was uploaded. At the same time, all of his previous videos destroyed his Twitch channel.

So what happened to him? Here’s everything we know.

What happened to Corpse husband?

Corpse Husband has explained that he stopped streaming because he felt under pressure to entertain thousands of viewers live.

Has Corpse Husband Finally Shown His Face? Updates on the Mystery
Corpse Husband

Corpse talked more openly to Ironmouse about it. He disclosed that he would shake the entire time during each stream, to the point where he finally said, “Yeah, I do not think I enjoy doing this.”

He did not stop streaming altogether; instead, he kept participating in his friends’ streams and discovered that he preferred that to hosting his own.

He admitted, “I enjoy being on other people’s streams.” “How the f**k that makes sense, I have no idea.”

Where is Corpse Husband now?

Corpse surprised fans in February 2023 by releasing a 15-second video on TikTok, in which he advertised a hoodie that he had created in collaboration with Gloomy Bear. Although he does not share many details about his whereabouts or activities, his fans appeared pleased to receive an update from him. 

In 2023, he released three more TikTok videos featuring his most recent songs, indicating that he is putting more of an emphasis on his musical career.

Valkyrae and Sykkuno, close friends and fellow content creators of Corpse Husband, have provided some context for his absence.

In response to a query regarding Corpse’s recent absence from their Among Us lobby, Valkyrae revealed: “He is busy, but I have invited him. He has a lot on his plate. I replied, “I promise I will never stop inviting you, no matter how many times you reject me.’ He has many other jobs; he is not a streamer, you know.”

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