How old is Everleigh Labrant? Young Influencer’s Journey into Popularity

Everleigh Labrant is a renowned young social media influencer recognized for her captivating content on both her YouTube and Instagram platforms. Her mother, Savannah Labrant, and stepfather, Cole Labrant, oversee her channels and post her videos. The YouTube channel “Everleigh Opens Toys” belongs to her and is entirely operated by her parents.

Ava Foley is her best friend, who also makes videos with Everleigh and they both have a combined YouTube channel named “Everleigh and Ava.” Not only YouTube, they both have one combined Instagram account, where they post regular content. Their friendship is famous and greatly appreciated by the viewers.

The family-friendly content of Everleigh is greatly appreciated, especially by the parents and their little kids. Let us explore more information about Everleigh, such as her age, her viewers’ opinions, and many more.

How old is Everleigh Labrant?

Everleigh Labrant is currently 11 years old. she was born on December 14, 2012, and at such a young age, she is active on all her social media accounts and knows more about the online world than any other kid her age. Her parents are the main reason she is so famous, with millions of followers.

The 11th birthday of Everleigh was celebrated just 4 months ago, in December 2023 and the video is available on her YouTube channel.

Everleigh is a very good dancer and has been in the dancing field from a very young age. Her connection with her friend Ava is growing increasingly with new engaging and fun content.

How old is Everleigh Labrant
Everleigh Labrant

Her viewers appreciate the family-friendly content and praise Everleigh for being so famous and successful at such a young age. But every one of her viewers does not praise what she is doing and has their reason for finding negative impacts of social media on her life. Let us discuss what these concerns are about.

Concerns about Everleigh Labrant’s content

Many of the viewers of Evereigh raise concerns about her life as a kid. They believe that her parents (mom and stepfather) use her only for money and popularity and destroy her childhood. The uploads on her channels are very frequent and require a lot of time to shoot those videos.

When she should enjoy her time exploring her childhood and spending her time in playful activities with her friends, her parents indulge Everleigh in the shooting of her videos for YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

However, her parents have ensured that it’s exactly what Everleigh enjoys doing and she is learning a lot about life and work in the making of these videos. Further, she is also engaged in many other activities.

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