How old is Mallory Edens? A look into her life

Step into the intriguing world of Mallory Edens, a name that resonates far beyond the glitzy courtside seats of the NBA. Born into a legacy of a sports empire, Mallory is not just another face in the crowd.

Mallory’s life is a tapestry rich with diverse threads – from her elite education at Princeton University to her athletic pursuits and her unexpected forays into the world of celebrity feuds and high-profile relationships.

Yet, there’s more to Mallory than meets the eye. Her involvement in controversies adds layers to her persona, painting a picture of a woman who is unafraid to stand her ground.

Join us as we look into the life of Mallory Edens – exploring her achievements, her passions, her controversies, and the multifaceted identity she carries beyond the glare of the public eye.

How old is Mallory Edens
Mallory Edens

Who is Mallory Edens?

Mallory Edens is an American model and internet celebrity. She is Wes Edens, the Milwaukee Bucks owner’s youngest daughter. On April 18, 1996, in New York City, she was born in the United States.

Lynn Edens is her mother. Madison Edens and Ryan Edens are her two siblings, and she is the youngest of them. Wes Edens, her father, is a private equity investor, businessman, and co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

The Bucks were acquired by him in 2014 for $550.0 million. As of right now, the team is estimated to be worth $1.075 billion. She studied in New York City at Trevor Day School.

When she got her high school diploma, she enrolled at Princeton University. In 2018, she received her bachelor’s degree from Princeton.

How old is Mallory Edens?

The 27-year-old Mallory Edens has been pictured with NFL legend Aaron Rodgers at a number of Bucks games. Rodgers owns a small portion of the Bucks.

On Rodgers’ 39th birthday, the two were seated courtside at a Milwaukee Bucks game. They both shared photos from the Ed Sheeran concert a few months later. Edens was also observed at a previous season’s Green Bay Packers game.

She was dressed in apparel from Rodgers’ previous team, the Green Bay Packers. Mallory was spotted cheering on Rodgers during a Jets preseason game in August.

Both Rodgers and Edens have achieved success on their own. Among the many lucrative contracts that Rodgers has inked is a $130 million, four-year extension with the Green Bay Packers.

On the other hand, Edens has long supported Girls on the Run International and continues to run as a member of the track and field community. To help the nonprofit raise money, she has also participated in the LA Marathon.

She participated in the Women’s Cross Rally in 2016. She took the stage as the 18-year-old Milwaukee Bucks representative when the Cavaliers won the 2014 NBA draft lottery in New York.

Controversies about Mallory Edens

Mallory Edens is currently in the news due to her relationship with NFL legend Aaron Rodgers.

However, she was also associated with another well-known celebrity that we are all aware of prior to Aaron Rodgers. 

Drake! However, Mallory Edens and Drake never had a romantic relationship because of their contentious feud.

Drake has always supported the Toronto Raptors, but Mallory Edens prefers the Milwaukee Bucks.

Thus, they frequently square off in court. They really do have that much devotion to their team, as evidenced by the serious turn their beef took during the 2019 NBA Playoffs finals.

Pusha T’s image was seen on a T-shirt worn by Mallory Edens. Pusha T and Drake have long had a rivalry that became serious when Pusha released a diss track called “The Story of Addison,” directed at Drake.

So, it was undoubtedly a bold decision to wear the t-shirt featuring Drake’s opponent. It is interesting to note that Drake and Mallory Edens’ feud ended in 2019.

In November 2019, Mallory Edens said in an ESPN interview that the beef phase is done. “We’re not beefing, we’re good,” Indeed, there is no longer any heat between the two.

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