How old is Sam Sulek? The Controversies Surrounding His Fitness Journey

Sam Sulek, an Ohio-based fitness influencer, has gained immense popularity for his unique videos and impressive physique. Known for his laid-back style and authentic vlogs, Sam’s journey began on TikTok and quickly expanded to over 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Is Sam Sulek Natural?

Speculation arises about Sam’s use of steroids due to his rapid muscle gain. Signs like cystic acne and his mention of Accutane raise questions.

Experts like Greg Doucette believe he’s not natural, attributing the transformation to performance-enhancing drugs and exceptional genetics.

How old is Sam Sulek?

Sam Sulek is 21. At just 21 years old, Sam Sulek has surprised many with his remarkable muscularity and dedication to bodybuilding.

Having celebrated his birthday in February, he has already become a role model for aspiring bodybuilders.

How old is Sam Sulek
Sam Sulek

Sam Sulek Height and Weight

While Sam openly shares his weight in videos, his height has been a subject of speculation.

Listed at 5’11”, comparisons with other athletes suggest his actual height might be around 5’10”.

Starting at 160 lbs in high school, he has bulked up to 248 lbs with a body fat percentage ranging from 8-12%.

Sam Sulek Diet and Workouts

Bulking Diet

Sam follows a controversial bulking diet, mainly comprising high-carb, high-fat junk food.

While his approach emphasizes meeting macro and calorie goals, it lacks consideration for factors like blood sugar and micronutrients.

The daily intake can be as high as 7,000 calories, with an emphasis on shock value for YouTube views.

Cutting Diet

His cutting diet includes healthier options but still focuses on maintaining a calorie deficit. With a target of 2,500 daily calories, he endures a 40% deficit, which might result in significant muscle loss for the average person.

Sam’s extreme dieting approach works for him, aided by genetics and enhancements, but may not be suitable for everyone.

Workout Routine

Despite limited experience, Sam displays impressive resistance training knowledge. Following a bro split routine, he trains specific muscle groups each day.

However, the absence of a workout log and room for improved exercise techniques are notable.

His preference for low-volume, high-intensity training involves 2-3 exercises per muscle group, totaling 8-12 sets.

While Sam Sulek’s fitness journey has garnered attention and followers, controversies surround his lifestyle choices.

His age-defying physique raises questions about the use of steroids, and his unconventional diet and workouts may not be suitable for everyone.

Aspiring bodybuilders should approach Sam’s advice with caution, considering the unique factors that contribute to his success.

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