Is Austin Brown leaving Home Free? Detangling the mystery

Austin Brown’s excursion with Home Free has been a downright memorable experience, echoing through the hearts of the nation and Cappella fans alike.

From the agreeable lobbies of Tifton, Georgia, to the worldwide stage, Brown has woven an embroidery of melodic recollections that resound with the deep solid of the nation and the unpredictable harmonies of a cappella.

We unravel the mystery, celebrate the past, and look forward to the future of a voice that has become synonymous with Home Free’s very essence as he moves on to new horizons.

Who is Austin Brown?

Multi-talented musician Austin Brown is well-known for his work with the Cappella group Home Free. Born in Tifton, Georgia, Brown’s early years saw a strong influence from his Southern gospel upbringing on his musical path.

Austin Brown has experienced many fortunate events in his life. Brown refers to Home Free, the only cappella group in country music, as “the dream of my life,” and he has been a member for the past seven years.

The gospel singer from the South’s son, Following his involvement as the lead in multiple high school plays, Brown pursued a degree in music theater.

Singing on cruise ships was his first job after graduating from college. It took him all over the world, but more significantly, it brought him Home Free.

Is Austin Brown leaving Home Free?

After serving with Home Free for 12 years, Austin Brown is, in fact, leaving the group. The news was revealed in a message sent to fans, who expressed a range of emotions along with it.

Is Austin Brown leaving Home Free
Austin Brown

For Home Free, it is the conclusion of an important time period, however, it is likewise a self-contradicting second for the band and their fans. He is leaving, yet he will, in any case, play fall shows.

With the arrival of his last collection with the gathering, “Crazy(er) Life,” coming soon, Austin will pass on to seek after new imaginative undertakings.

Underscored in the message Austin’s leaving doesn’t imply that Home Free is reaching a conclusion. The band plans to continue recording music and performing live; extra dates for their Crazy(er) Life Visit will be uncovered soon.

They do, however, also mention that, in order to spend more time with their families, they will be doing fewer shows this year.

Even though there has been a big shift for Home Free, they are still appreciative of Austin’s contributions and have hope for the group’s future.

Brown has penned many of his own songs over the years, some of which have been turned into hits for Home Free. Brown had the ideal chance to carry out that very action.

The 808 drums and electronic beat drops on his debut single “Earn It” are a far cry from Home Free’s vocal-driven melodies. 

Even though Brown’s fans may not recognize the song’s sound, its message is consistent with his working-class Southern upbringing.

To appease the fans of Home Free, who adore their distinctive takes on both contemporary and classic songs, Brown also intends to include covers in his solo album.

And Brown is not entirely deviating from his roots, so those who fell in love with his country sound should not worry. Above all, whether a listener is a newbie or a devoted fan, Brown wants his songs to empower everyone who hears them.

What is Home Free about?

With five vocalists—Austin Brown, Rob Lundquist, Adam Rupp, Tim Foust, and Adam Chance—Home Free is an American country a cappella group. They began as a show group and performed about 200 shows a year all over the country.

In 2013, the group triumphed on NBC’s fourth season of The Sing-Off. As their last competitive song, they performed a cover of Hunter Hayes’ “I Want Crazy,” which won them $100,000 and a recording deal with Sony.

Crazy Life, the band’s debut major label album, was released in February 2014.

November 17, 2023, saw the release of their most recent album, As Seen on TV, which included studio versions of the songs the group sang during The Sing Off’s fourth season.

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