Is Candace Cameron Bure leaving QVC? What company is Cameron Bure working for now?

The American free-to-air television network QVC, which stands for “Quality Value Convenience,” is owned by Qurate Retail Group and focuses on televised home shopping. Joseph Segel founded QVC in 1986 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, in the United States. 

The company now broadcasts to over 350 million households across seven countries, including the UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and China, where it operates a joint venture called CNR Mall with China National Radio.

The headquarters of QVC are located near U.S. Route 202 in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Situated on an 80-acre (32-hectare) plot of land, the $100 million QVC Studio Park complex opened its doors in 1997.

While live programming hours differ by region, QVC’s operations in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Italy, and China are all open twenty-four hours a day.

Candace Cameron Bure and QVC

Recognized for their consistent commitment to fashion that fits all body types, QVC revealed that they have partnered with businesswoman and actress Candace Cameron Bure to introduce her clothing line.

Every item in the collection, which was created with all sizes in mind, is only available on and costs the same amount. Bure, who is well-known for her chic personal style, started her line on QVC,, and QVC apps, on Monday, April 19.

Is Candace Cameron Bure leaving QVC
Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure, which is exclusive to QVC, includes stylish and versatile pieces inspired by her motivation to help people feel comfortable in their skin and confident in their style choices.

The fashion line will offer wardrobe staples such as comfortable tees, colorful flannels, dresses, jeans, and loungewear in bright floral designs. All pieces have multi-purpose use and can be worn both leisurely and formally on any occasion.

“The apparel line by Candace Cameron Bure is merely an external representation of the inner beauty you possess,” says Bure. 

Go to or any of the QVC apps to find out more about the Candace Cameron Bure clothing line.

Is Candace Cameron Bure leaving QVC? 

It seems like she has moved on.  

There are no new fashions, and almost everything is on clearance, plus no fall or winter items.  The line is fading away, as is the custom for vendors who are gone at QVC. 

Some of her followers mentioned that Cameron is very busy with her YouTube channel. 

“The truth is that I have a long-standing contract with Hallmark. And that is been fantastic,” she remarked in September 2022. “My contract was going to expire at the time of the Great American Family premiere.

Made-for-TV movies and holiday programming are the specialty of the cable television network Great American Family, formerly known as GAC Family.

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