Is Daisy Leaving Coronation Street?

In the most recent episode of the venerable ITV soap series Coronation Street, fans were taken aback by a shocking disclosure made by Daisy Midgeley, played by Charlotte Jordan.

The character, well-known for her cunning tactics and turbulent relationships, has made it known that she plans to leave Weatherfield, which is a big change in the plot of the adored show.

Daisy’s departure promises to upend Coronation Street’s well-known cobblestones in unanticipated ways as it occurs amid romantic entanglements and family issues.

Who is Daisy Midgeley?

In the TV show Coronation Street Charlotte Jordan portrays the character Daisy Midgeley. Daisy made her debut in November 2020. Was introduced by Jenny Bradley before it was revealed that Jordan would be playing her.

Upon arriving Daisy attempted to sow discord between herself and Jenny’s husband, Johnny Connor. Her storyline included interactions with taken men, participation in a multi-level marketing scheme, and her engagement to Daniel Osbourne.

Is Daisy Leaving Coronation Street?

Yes, Charlotte Jordan’s character, Daisy Midgeley, announced her decision to leave Weatherfield in the latest Coronation Street episode, sparking speculation among viewers.

During a conversation with Daniel about their living arrangements, Daisy proposed moving to Didsbury. Daniel enthusiastically embraced the idea as a start and an exciting adventure. This decision seems to be influenced by Daisy’s relationship with Ryan Connor (played by Ryan Prescott).

Is Daisy Leaving Coronation Street
Daisy Midgeley

Speculation among fans has arisen regarding Daisy’s departure from the show following this development in her storyline. Her exit, from Weatherfield is anticipated to introduce dynamics and conflicts that will mark a turning point in the ongoing drama of Coronation Street captivating audiences as they witness how events unfold.

What Happened to Daisy Midgele?

Coronation Street heroine Daisy Midgeley, performed through Charlotte Jordan, has seen a dramatic change in course that has piqued lovers’ hobby. Daisy shockingly said in the latest episode that she meant to depart Weatherfield, the display’s fictional putting. During an emotional communication with her fiancé, Rob Mallard’s Daniel Osbourne, this understanding came to light.

Daisy’s choice was sparked by using a convoluted web of emotions and behaviors. It becomes clear in the course of the episode that Daisy has been seeing Ryan Prescott’s person, Ryan Connor.

When it became obvious that Daisy had been using the misleading approach referred to as “catfishing” to engage with Ryan under the identity of Crystal, their dating took a drastic flip.

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