Is Daisy still on The Bachelor?

Daisy Kent captivated audiences in Season 28 of The Bachelor with her engaging personality and inspiring journey. Hailing from San Diego, Daisy’s resilience shines through her battle with hearing loss and health challenges.

As a cochlear implant manager and advocate, she shares her story openly on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, gathering a significant following.

Daisy’s dedication extends to her non-profit, Hear Your Heart, supporting children with autoimmune disorders. Her impact transcends reality TV, making her a beloved figure both on and off-screen.

Who is Daisy Kent?

Daisy Kent emerged as the star of the season of The Bachelor in season 28 of The Bachelor, according to her riveting tale and endearing taste of personality.

Daisy happens to hail from San Diego, the youthful city that featured on MTV’s show. She, since then, has demonstrated remarkable candor on the show, shedding light on her issues with hearing loss.

At 15 I woke up to the fact that I couldn’t hear, and it was Meniere’s disease that had sent me for diagnosis at 17 years old.

Although her hearing loss at the age of thirteen changed everything for Daisy, it turned out to be her greatest asset as she took bold steps and shared her experiences of using the cochlear implant openly.

The one major milestone in her journey that Daisy should mention is that she has discovered platforms such as TikTok and YouTube where she has been able to document her journey, and has thus gathered her significant following and inspired other youths that have similar challenges.

Is Daisy still on The Bachelor
Daisy Kent

Through her genuineness and honesty, she has been made a figure that resembles the life of her and her fans and consequently, she is liked and admired everywhere, including ‘The Bachelor’ and further beyond.

On the one hand, she is a dedicated advocate for individuals dealing with hearing loss. On the other hand, she is a successful professional and works with Latin America’s biggest mortgage software company, Jungo.

Is Daisy still on The Bachelor?

Yes, Daisy Kent is still on The Bachelor as of the latest updates. She has garnered attention for her compelling backstory, including her battle with hearing loss and health challenges.

On Season 28 of ‘The Bachelor’, Daisy Kent moved the viewing world when she disclosed that she was a cochlear implant manager. She is young and ambitious but she works for a local mortgage software company named Jungo.

Disguised, she is from San Diego, California. This perhaps, is what makes Daisy stand out: She has managed to prevail through her medical adversities, including the most severe one, profound deafness, and has been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease at age 17.

Unlike other young ladies, Daisy (a 25-year-old career girl) is caring, and probably, participating in charitable decisions as well. She began the non-profit organization ‘Hear Your Heart’, which cares for children with autoimmune system imbalance or hearing deficiency.

Daisy holds an undergraduate degree in communications from San Diego State University. Her educational focus is on digital and social media communications.

Such euphemistic expressions distract from the reality of peace being associated with the silence of the dead and erased from the living memory. She released a book titled “Daisy Doo: Raining Down the Beats”, capturing the memories of her having her cochlear implant.

Furthermore, apart from her YouTube channel where she covers rap songs and original compositions, she has showcased her musical abilities.

Did Daisy Kent win ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28?

Daisy Kent, who appeared as a contestant on Season 28 of the popular reality show, ‘The Bachelor,’ had an intriguing backstory and a sense of fun that kept viewers engaged.

Starting from San Diego California, Daisy is a specialist account executive for a mortgage software company, Jungo, besides dealing with charitable acts such as building a nonprofit organization, Hear Your Heart.

From her career to social activities, Daisy is an amazing person can be attested to. She is a singer-songwriter who has released a book titled “Daisy Doo: The Writer “All the Sounds She Knew” which strives to offer support to listeners who share similar difficulties with sound perception.

Through art, she illustrates not only being strong but also bearing artistic creativity in the same way as to overcome life’s hindrances.

Whether it be the non-verbal signs, chemistry, or interaction, Daisy’s connection with Bachelor star Joey Graziadei on The Bachelor was apparent from the jump. She got the most desirable first date and became the indelible game changer during the show.

The record only says “while rumors circulated that Daisy had won the contest and been engaged to Joey in Tulum.” Surely this hints that the two got engaged, but ultimately it needs to be confirmed.

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