Is Esme Leaving General Hospital? What did  Avery Pohl Say?

With regards to the daytime show, General Hospital is still a mainstay. Throughout its remarkable 61 seasons and more than 15,000 episodes, the show demonstrated its adaptability by introducing new characters and gradually eliminating characters that had been around for a long time.

Devotees of General Hospital are eager to see what things lie ahead lie ahead in the corridors

Surprisingly, Avery Pohl leaves the drama-filled world of General Hospital, leaving fans with unanswered questions about her character Esme.

Esme’s final episode ends, and as the curtains rise, we reveal the juicy facts of her certain death and the behind-the-scenes relationships that make this departure a tragic story.

Is Esme Leaving General Hospital?

Yes, Esme is Leaving General Hospital. The newest twist in the storyline had General Hospital watchers on the edge of their seats as Avery Pohl’s character, Esme, made her farewell bow in a watery grave.

Esme tried killing two other characters aboard a yacht at the beginning of the violent episode. Esme reached the pinnacle of her wicked story when she gave her ex-boyfriend Spencer a lethal dose of pills and started seeing his girlfriend, Trina.

Is Esme Leaving General Hospital

But fate was up to something else. With a theatrical dive overboard, Spencer took advantage of the situation and wrestled Esme away. Following the episode’s conclusion, viewers were left hanging and lamenting the loss of a character who straddled the line between love and hate. Both characters were assumed dead.

Tearful Goodbyes and Off-Screen Bonds- Behind-the-Scenes Drama

The exit of Avery Pohl struck a profound chord with her co-stars, even if Esme might not have been everyone’s favorite character. With a smile, Pohl accepted her position as a villain after her portrayal of the spiteful character evoked conflicting feelings among the audience.

She joked with Soap Opera Digest, “I guess my job is done if people find entertainment in the fact that they love to hate me.”

Esme’s target, Trina, was depicted by Tabyana Ali, with whom Pohl turned out to be close behind the screen. Ali expressed her sadness at not seeing Pohl at work, noting how frequently they socialized and talked.

Pohl’s co-stars lavished her with gifts, hugs, and flowers on her final day on set, making it an emotional occasion. This means the end of Esme’s malicious rule, subsequently it’s a miserable farewell.

A Soap Opera Legacy Continues with General Hospital

On General Hospital, people come and go, but the drama, scandals, and emotional rollercoasters never end, ensuring the soap opera’s long-term place in television history. Even though Esme’s departure marks the end of one chapter of General Hospital, the story never really ends there.

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