Is Lehasa leaving Skeem Saam? Why was the actor of Skeem Saam arrested?

Winnie Serite is the creator of the South African soap opera Skeem Saam, which has been televised on SABC 1 since 2011. It gained notoriety from the moment it arrived, outperforming generations.

Skeem Saam, a SABC Education production, is primarily aimed at young people. Ten seasons have passed since it began.

The plot centers on the people who live in Turfloop and the struggles they encounter daily as they work their way up the success ladder. Along with following the lives of the wealthy in Johannesburg and how they manage business setbacks, it also follows the lives of the impoverished residing in Turfloop.

There are a lot of rumors circulating that actor Cedric Fourie, who plays Lehasa Maphosa on Skeem Saam, is leaving the educational soap opera.

As per his storyline, Lehasa is likely to go to prison for his crimes, mainly for murdering Fannie Masemola.

Check out the article through to the end to find out if these rumors are true.

Who played Lehasa in Skeem Saam?

Cedric Fourie is a South African actor and headlines buzzer famous for his incredible Skeem Saam Soapie drama casting, in which he took part as Lehasa Maphosa – a wealthy businessman who unknowingly sparks Sonti’s heart.

The artist sits at the front row in film productions, earning himself unbounded fame and extended followership. Lehasa Maphosa has an exceptionally fascinating biography because of his extraordinary achievements.

Is Lehasa leaving Skeem Saam
Lehasa Maphosa

During his early career, he held networking engineer positions at several top mobile companies, including Ericcson, Huawei Technologies, and Mobax Group.

Despite his technical proficiency, Anthony’s love of the arts and performing arts could not be contained. He consequently accepted brief appearances in well-known programs like Harvest, Generations, Sokhulu & Partners, and Isibaya before joining Skeem Saam.

Is Lehasa leaving Skeem Saam?

No information is available regarding whether he has left the show or not. However, he is arrested for saving Pretty. Consequently, he is charged with unlawful discharge of a firearm and murder.

Pretty is torn between wanting to intervene and wanting to end her relationship with Lehasa for good.

Luckily, Lehasa and Nkosi got bail because of their lawyer. 

This all happened because of Petersen. He planned well so that if Lehasa was arrested on Friday night, he wouldn’t be able to get bail over the weekend. This is not the end, Petersen will try his best to put Lehesa down.

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