Is Lia leaving ITZY?

Lia, born Choi Ji-su, is a celebrated figure in South Korean pop music, renowned for her role in the popular girl group ITZY. Hailing from Incheon, South Korea, Lia’s journey into the entertainment world began with a passion for music nurtured during her time at the School of Performing Arts Seoul. With her exceptional talent and dedication, she secured her place in ITZY, captivating audiences worldwide with her vocal prowess and charisma.

Who is Lia?

Lia or Ji-su is a famous figure on the bright horizon of the music industry in South Korea, with her famous role as a member of the top girl group ITZY. She is Lia. Lia was born on 21 July 2000 in Incheon, South Korea.

The journey to the arena of entertainment that is filled with talent, devotion, and stamina began with her. Born in Incheon, Lia found herself a budding performer and musician with a hunger for stage lights and music.

At the School of Performing Arts Seoul she polished her skills relishing different arts while being in this environment she laid the foundation for the upcoming future.

Lia went into stardom when she auditioned for SM Entertainment which showcased her amazing vocal skills and incredible stage presence. She succeeded in her first audition, even though she eventually resigned because of unknown reasons.

Nevertheless, Lia’s resolution was not broken. In 2017, the new career path for Lia began after auditioning for JYP Entertainment, a famous talent agency and one of the key influences in the development of K-pop.

She had a rare skill and a very single-mindedness that helped to get a place in the team and undergo a hectic training process to achieve excellence.

The agency launched Lia as a member of ITZY on February 12, 2019, and she immediately became an international sensation because of her unique voice, exciting dance performance, and irresistible charisma.

Is Lia leaving ITZY?

Lia from ITZY has not announced her departure from the group. She is on hiatus to prioritize her mental health and undergo treatment for anxiety disorder. No official statements regarding her leaving ITZY have been made.

There is no indication from Lia, the member of the K-pop group—ITZY—that she intends to leave the group, so far. Nevertheless, she is taking a break today to focus on self-care.

Is Lia leaving ITZY

The basis of exit by Lia is her status of an anxiety disorder which her management clarified, JYP Entertainment. This was the date the decision was announced, November 17, 2023, with her need for treatment and recovery stressed.

While waiting for her return, Lia won’t be participating in ITZY’s upcoming album release and world tour due to her health problems. She will instead take a break to make sure she gets the proper care and treatment she needs.

While she has been noticed to be keeping a notable absence from the group activities, the management team has not officially declared that she has left the group.

Her agency has also stated their willingness to cooperate and to assist Lia in everything she needs, and they have thanked their fans for being supportive and kind.

Where is Lia from ITZY now? 

In contrast, Lia, an ITZY co-member is currently on an indefinite break due to her mental health issues! On November 17, 2023, JYP Entertainment made a statement that they had declined this offer.

Lia’s non-attendance of such activities coincides with the pining of anxiety disorder, which was the primary symptom of nervousness and anxiety that she had exhibited with the scheduled activities.

Lia’s condition was detailed in a heartfelt statement released by JYP Entertainment. They also mentioned the urgency of getting her the right treatment and support.

Lia directly informed fans of the release of the news over her Instagram page, promising to work on her recovery despite her absence from the group’s impending album release and world tour.

Her decision, however, further drives home the growing awareness of mental health issues within the entertainment industry.

Although she has taken a break, Lia remains a significant character in the sector of K-pop, widely known for her vocal skills and her influences on the success of ITZY.

After her debut in 2019, which is the beginning of the ITZY and its success to fame, it’s her journey in the industry.

The hit song “Blossom,” Lia’s solo track that was released during her hiatus, is an assurance of her priority to her fans and her music career.

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