Is Marlon leaving Death in Paradise? Detangling the mystery

In “Death in Paradise,” the sun-soaked shores of Saint Marie have witnessed the comings and goings of many memorable characters, each leaving an indelible mark on the heart of the show.

Among the latest to cast a long shadow is Marlon Pryce, a character whose journey from a small-time crook to a dedicated officer has enthralled viewers since his introduction.

Portrayed with depth and charisma by Tahj Di Nero Miles, Marlon’s story is a compelling narrative of redemption, loyalty, and the unexpected paths life can take.

As we look into the details of Marlon’s leave and the talented actor behind this beloved character, join us in celebrating the legacy of Marlon Pryce on “Death in Paradise.”

Who is Marlon in Death in Paradise?

One of the newest officers at the Honore Police Station is Marlon Pryce, who was added via a small-time offender rehabilitation program. When he first appears, he is tricking tourists; Sergeant JP Hooper captures and holds him.

Fearing actual jail time, Marlon enlists as a trainee officer in the hopes of obtaining a clean record and a stable job.

He does not take his work seriously at first, robbing JP of his badge to brag about and taking money intended for motorcycle repairs.

Is Marlon leaving Death in Paradise
Marlon Pryce

Commissioner Selwyn Patterson threatens to send Marlon to prison this time, but Marlon makes an agreement: if he makes a mistake again, he will serve twice as long as he was supposed to.

Is Marlon leaving Death in Paradise?

Yes, Marlon Pryce is leaving Death in Paradise. Tahj Miles’ character Copper Marlon Pryce has been a member of the ensemble since 2021, but he has since left the show.

The decision to leave the island was made by the young officer when his sister was awarded a scholarship to study in Jamaica.

In March 2024, his final moments were realized when his sister Jocelyn received a letter regarding a scholarship opportunity in Jamaica.

As a result, Marlon gave in his notice and informed the Commissioner that he would not be able to find employment with the Jamaican police.

Marlon made the decision to put his sister’s future first, even if it meant quitting his cherished career. Unbeknownst to him, Commissioner Selwyn Patterson had traveled abroad to lobby for his officer.

To the surprise of viewers of the soap opera, he met with Marlon’s ex-partner, J.P. Hooper, with the intention of securing a job for him.

When the team bid Marlon farewell at the end of the show, there was one more surprise in store for the rookie cop: JP was there to welcome him and let him know that a police job was waiting for him in his new residence.

Actor Tahj, who announced his leave, posted a photo of himself from the thirteenth season of Death in Paradise. Fans at home were inconsolable when Tahj’s character left, as it was a bittersweet moment.

Who portrays Marlon Pryce in real life?

Actor Tahj Di Nero Miles hails from England. Not only did he star in the first movie of Steve McQueen’s anthology series Small Axe, but from 2021 to 2024, he played Marlon Pryce in BBC1’s TV series Death in Paradise.

Miles has Dominican, Jamaican, and St. Lucian ancestry. He was born in Hackney, London. He went to Stoke Newington’s Betty Layward Primary.

At the age of seven, he enrolled in the Anna Fiorentini Theatre and Film School before signing with the Fiorentini Agency.

Before starring as police officer Marlon Pryce in the regular cast of BBC1’s Death in Paradise, Miles was cast in the BBC series Dismissed and Flunked. East London’s Hackney is Miles’ home.

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