Is Mike Jerrick leaving Fox 29? Social Media is Buzzing with the Latest News

Mike Jerrick is a renowned news anchor. He made his name in the industry over the years through hard work and working his way through hurdles. He is currently hosting Good Day Philadelphia and it’s been more than a decade since he was a part of the show and Fox 29.

However, recently, Mike’s Instagram post made fans wonder if he was leaving Fox 29. But what made fans and followers think Mike was leaving the network?

Mike’s Career Before Joining Fox 29

Mike has always been the popular anchor. In the initial years of his career, Mike hosted “Alive & Well” in the 1980s. The show was about health and fitness and the national program was featured on the USA Network.

Mike began his career as a producer and host of “P.M. Magazine.” He started the work in 1981 at WNYW-TV in New York. Then he hosted  “Sci-Fi Buzz” on USA Network’s Sci-Fi Channel. He was part of the show for six years, from 1991 to 1997.

He also produced HBO’s “World Entertainment Report” and became its host from 1991 to 1994. In addition to these, Mike hosted many other TV programs, which gave him worldwide recognition.

Is Mike Jerrick leaving Fox 29
Mike Jerrick

What’s all the recent buzz?

Mike Jerrick recently posted a video on Instagram that left everyone confused and shocked. The 73-year-old has revealed that he will be leaving the long-running morning show, Good Day Philadelphia. This news has made fans wonder if he is really leaving the show and if he is leaving the channel too.

Mike stepped into the Fox News Channel with a daily live audience co-host of DaySide. Later, he joined Good Day Philadelphia in 2009 and has since become an important part of Fox 29. That’s why his departure news has left people in disbelief.

Is Mike Jerrick leaving Fox 29?

No, Mike Jerrick is not leaving Fox 29. Even though he announced in an Instagram post his departure from Good Day Philadelphia, he is not leaving. Well, Jerrick is known for his pranks and this one was too much of a prank. It was an April Fool’s Day prank, which left fans worried.

However, not everyone got caught in the trap and many immediately worked on their guessing game and successfully guessed that this was a prank, just like the one Mike did in 2015.

Mike Jerrick pranked his audience in 2015 by saying that he would be running for the 2015 elections for the candidacy of mayor of Philadelphia. He got immense support from pranks through social media and messages.

However, later, he revealed that it was an April Fool’s Day prank. And this year again, Mike successfully pranks many of his followers.

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