Is Mike Jerrick leaving Good Day? The Sudden Announcement Left Fans in Shock

Mike Jerrick is a popular figure in television. The 73-year-old has marked an unforgettable presence in audiences’ hearts. He has been working on Good Day Philadelphia since 2009.

However, recently he made the buzz about leaving Good Day Philadelphia. His recent Instagram post has left his fans shocked and in disbelief.

Mike has his identity as a host and an anchor but his revelation of a sudden change of plans has raised restlessness among fans.

Mike’s Previous Role

Mike is a news anchor who formerly worked with his ex-co-host Juliet Huddy. They worked together on the morning show called The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet. The show began airing in January 2007. However, it ended its “live” episode of the show in June 2009.

He started his career as an anchor on the USA Network afternoon talk show Alive and Well. He did many other shows and wonderfully hosted shows like What’s News on America’s Talking. He moved a step ahead in his career by joining Fox News in 2002.

Mike has also been a good host of the show Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel. He and his co-host, Huddy DaySide, did a tremendous job on the channel. Their impact on the lives of viewers is spectacular.

Now the viewers cannot imagine a morning without their beloved Mike’s presence. That’s when they saw the recent Instagram post by Mike, and everyone panicked.

Mike Jerrick’s Suspension

Mike Jerrick was suspended years ago for using an inappropriate term in the middle of a conversation on national television. In January 2017, Mike was suspended for a week by Fox 29 because, in a discussion about Kellyanne Conway’s ‘alternative facts’ claim, Mike said “good at bullshit,” which led him in trouble.

Mike and his co-host Alex Holley, immediately apologized for using an inappropriate word but management suspended Jerrick after the episode for a week.

He later re-joined the show on January 30, exactly a week after his suspension. Even though he was suspended, his loyal viewers supported him through social media throughout the week.

Is Mike Jerrick leaving Good Day
Mike Jerrick

What’s causing the recent buzz?

Mike Jerrick is a famous personality on television. He is currently hosting Good Day Philadelphia. However, on April 1, he posted a shocking video where he can be seen thanking everyone for the love and support he has gotten over the years. He then revealed that he would bid goodbye to Good Day Philadelphia.

He told everyone that he would be leaving Good Day Philadelphia and joining QVC as a gardening host. This has left fans in utter shock. They cannot imagine their mornings without Mike and thus it is very hard for them to accept the fact.

Is Mike Jerrick leaving Good Day?

No, Mike Jerrick is not leaving Good Day Philadelphia. The recent Instagram post about his departure was a prank. Well, as it is April 1, he thought to celebrate April Fool’s Day with his innocent followers. It is not the first time that Mike has pranked his fans and followers.

Fans did remember how Mike announced his candidacy for Mayor of Philadelphia for the 2015 elections on April 1, 2015, but it later turned out to be a prank, so this time it was hard to fool his fans.

Fans have become smarter with their experiences and, hence, didn’t get trapped in Mike’s prank this time.

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