Is Rachel Horne leaving Virgin Radio? The Heartbreaking Announcement of Virgin Radio

Rachel Horne, a renowned news anchor for the Virgin Radio UK Breakfast show, became a part of the team in 2019. Her exceptional news presentation skills quickly won over the hearts of the audience. Chris Evans is also a member of the show alongside her.

Her past journalism experience helped her a lot on Virgin Radio. She worked previously in BBC News and presented business bulletins and travel news on BBC Radio 2. Even Chris Evans has worked on BBC Radio 2. It is 2024 and this is her fifth year with Virgin Radio.

But recent news of her leaving The Breakfast Show with Chris Evans has shocked her listeners. The news she just revealed by herself has left everyone shocked.

Virgin Radio has posted the news of her with the “Thank You, Rachel Horne” on their website and social media accounts. Be with the article to know about her credibility and official statements about her departure.

Is Rachel Horne leaving Virgin Radio?

Yes, Rachel Horne is leaving Virgin Radio. On March 28, 2024, Rachel herself announced on the morning breakfast show that today was her last appearance on the show.

We get it but the fact remains, and Rachel is bidding goodbye. But it’s her own choice and she gave us some emotional messages that we must know about.

Since 2019, Rachel has been an inseparable part of the show along with Chris Evans but her departure from the show is so heartbreaking, as we will miss the bond and fun between Rachel and Chris.

They both not only presented news in an informative way but also engagingly and interestingly, which made the show so popular.

Is Rachel Horne leaving Virgin Radio
Rachel Horne

She said, “I am very sad to say that this is my last day on the show. I have loved my time with this team, despite and even sometimes because of the 4 am alarm. The peace of those early morning hours is very precious.”

Further, she mentioned how Virgin Radio gave her a new identity and a lot of good experiences.

Rachel’s contribution to The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

It’s impressive how Rachel claimed her team to be a huge part of her life on the Breakfast Show today. We can never deny her contribution to the show, especially during COVID-19, when everyone was at home and needed engaging news, and Rachel and her team fulfilled their duty extremely well.

You can read all her official statements on the official website of Virgin Radio or their YouTube channel and her contribution and respect towards the show will be visible to you.

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