Is Rea leaving the House of Zwide? A look into her life

Step into the stylish yet turbulent universe of House of Zwide, where design, family, and fortune crash in an arresting story of mysteries, retribution, and startling coalitions.

In the clamoring heart of South Africa, the Zwide family’s style realm remains an image of progress. Meet the mysterious characters, from the aggressive Funani to the strong Rea, whose excursion goes off in a strange direction.

Prepare yourself for a rollercoaster of feelings as you step into the charming universe of House of Zwide, where each line in the texture of their lives recounts an account of energy, torment, and the quest for a heritage that rises above simple design.

Is Rea leaving the House of Zwide
Matshepo Kukie Maleme

Who portrays Rea in real life?

In House of Zwide, Rea is portrayed by Matshepo Kukie Maleme. She is an actress and model from South Africa who was born on August 23, 1980.  

Her most well-known roles are from the 2011 movie A Million Colors as “Busi” and from TV soap operas like Muvhango, Inkaba, and House of Zwide. She was raised by her grandparents before her parents relocated to Johannesburg.

She has a boy and a girl under her belt; she is married. She was a victim of gender-based violence and received a depression diagnosis when she was seventeen.

She also suffered repeated abuse at the hands of a partner. She also had a few minor, infrequent appearances on soap operas like Scandal, Side Dish, Imposter, Isithembiso, and Isibaya.

Is Rea leaving the House of Zwide?

It is likely that Rea is leaving the House of Zwide, but confirmation from the actress and reliable sources is still needed. As in Episode 161, tragedy befalls the Molapo family as Rea passes away from cancer, leaving them shattered.

As the compelling story of the House of Zwide develops, the Molapo family becomes entangled in a web of secrets, retaliation, and surprising alliances.

With their kids in the dark, Isaac and Rea set out on a quest for private treatment in Episode 144. Although they decide to keep their reasons to themselves, Isaac and Rea look into treatment options at private hospitals.

Rea opens up about her quiet battle with Isaac, which ended with a difficult brain cancer diagnosis. The family is supportive of the surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

For a little while, Keletso’s innocence cheers everyone up, but when Rea courageously shares her story, the family’s fortitude is put to the test, and the mood changes.

The Molapo family demonstrates love and unity in the face of hardship, demonstrating that their steadfast support and combined strength can overcome even the most difficult obstacles in life.

Rea pushes Funani to make amends, and with Ona’s help, the fashion show turns out well. Rea notices that Ona is uncomfortable, and they have a heartfelt discussion about her relationship with Neo.

For a little while, Rea’s health gets better, but then cancer takes her life, devastating the Molapo family.

The Molapo family faces a series of challenges that test their resilience and unity as the month of February comes to an end in the House of Zwide.

The House of Zwide promises to carry on its captivating journey with suspense, heartache, and shocking revelations.

What is the House of Zwide about?

A drama series on television in South Africa is called House of Zwide. Co-produced by Videovision Entertainment and The Bomb Shelter, it is an original production.

Among the cast of the show are Vusi Kunene, Khaya Dladla, Nefisa Mkhabela, and Winnie Ntshaba. The founders of the nation’s rapidly expanding House of Zwide textile and fashion empire are Funani and Faith Zwide.

Faith, Funani’s secretary, had an affair with Funani early on in the business. When his wife learned of it, Faith went to her in an attempt to apologize and explain, but instead of that, she got into a fight with Funani’s wife, Busi.

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