Is Sasha leaving General Hospital? A New Decision Made Everyone Shock

After years of working as a model, Sasha is hit by the realization that this isn’t what she is looking for in her life. The latest decision by Sasha has left everyone shocked.

In a recent episode of General Hospital, Sasha thinks of changing her look but she wants to keep it less mysterious or edgy. Sasha has realized her worth, which is more than people judging her looks.

Meanwhile, Lucy tells Maxie that Bellpo is a very important magazine and they can’t miss out on it. Although Maxie tries to make Lucy understand that there are other magazines too, Lucy doesn’t care because Bellpo is the best among all other magazines, and they need Sasha along with others to feature on the cover of the magazine.

Meanwhile, at Deception, Sasha tries to figure out what her worth is and takes a drastic step.

Sasha Never Wanted to Be a Model

Sasha reveals to Lucy that she never wanted to be a model. She says that it was Michael, because of whom she started working as a model. He made the deal for her and got her a stake in the company.

Sasha didn’t realize her worth until recently, and she also realized that she was a completely different person back then.

As Sasha realizes she is made for something else rather than modeling, she makes a firm decision that nobody can change.

Is Sasha leaving General Hospital?

No, Sasha is not leaving General Hospital as of yet. There is no such news from the actress or the maker of the show.

In the recent episode, Sasha resigned from Deception. It came as a shock to everyone but she wanted to explore and do what she liked to do rather than what others made her do. So at last, she resigned from modeling to figure out what she wanted to do with her life.

Is Sasha leaving General Hospital

Sasha’s Final Call at Deception

When Sasha announced her decision to resign from being the face of the Deception, Lucy thought that she might need a vacation to take some time off and breathe.

However, Sasha made her decision firm: she wants to leave and there is no need to reconsider her decision.

Lucy even warns her of losing all her possessions in the company. If Sasha resigns, then she will have to lose her leadership and shares at a loss. Sasha says that even if she is not sure what she wants to do with her life next, she wants happiness more than anything right now.

She also clarifies that she isn’t leaving because of Lucy, as Brook Lynn made Lucy realize that because of her, every model runs away from the company and if they’ll hire someone new in place of Sasha, Lucy’s behavior will make the new model leave the company too.

However, it is not the case with Sasha; she is leaving because she wants to do something that truly makes her happy and doesn’t want to be judged by her looks anymore.

Conversation with Cody Gives Sasha New Hope

Cody was talking to his horse at the Quartermaine stables, telling his horse that he had made the decision to leave Deception and rambling about how he felt modeling was stupid.

Later on, Sasha stopped by Cody and told him that she quit the Deception. He asked if she decided because of him, to which she answered no and continued saying that she wanted things to change.

She confronts Cody with the question of whether he always knew what he wanted to become and achieve in life.

Cody revealed that it was a bit tough to figure out what he wanted; the journey was filled with anxiety but currently, he is in a happy state. Sasha feels that she can begin a new career.

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