Is Sean Sticks Larkin Leaving on Patrol Live?

Former law enforcement officer turned television personality, Sean ‘Sticks’ Larkin, has captivated audiences with his insights into police work on reality TV shows like ‘Live PD.’ Known for his candid commentary and unique perspective, Larkin’s transition to the new show ‘Crime Cam 24/7’ has sparked curiosity among fans.

Amidst speculation about his departure from ‘On Patrol Live,’ Larkin reassures viewers of his temporary absence. So read the below article to know if it is true or not.

Who is Sean Sticks Larkin?

The persona of Mr. Sean “Sticks” Larkin is several-faceted, he was initially a police officer, and through the years he found himself in the television world as a popular face.

He eventually became widely known among the public after his debut on the reality show ‘Live PD’ where he became an extension of its on-screen element as well as a co-host.

In the show Sean Sticks Larkin drew on his exclusive knowledge of law enforcement agencies, thus sharing an inside look on the constant events of these institutions and making sometimes on-air commentary.

In addition to his field of professional interests, Sean “Sticks” Larkin’s personal life prompts some public stir. Lana del Ray the singer, makes the media take the relationship between her and the rapper as one of the most pursued media stories that had a lot of highs and lows.

At the onset, they shared a very good bond but strangely enough, Del Rey learns through the course of the counseling sessions that she is simply there while Larkin was enjoying his marriage with another lady who was already her partner, putting a strain on their relationship counseling sessions.

It was in the “Among the Living” movie that Larkin was shining as the main star. This movie saw him starting the peak of his acting career. Although he experienced in his personal life a few harsh moments, he still is in a Socialization process.

Is Sean Sticks Larkin Leaving on Patrol Live?

No, Sean “Sticks” Larkin is not leaving “On Patrol Live” permanently. He has joined a new show on Fox Nation called “Crime Cam 24/7,” which is taking up some of his time.

Is Sean Sticks Larkin Leaving on Patrol Live
Sean Sticks Larkin

Nevertheless, he also told followers about coming back to “On Patrol The TV Show” after some time. Consequently, though the precise date of his return was missing, we will still get the chance to see him occasionally and his appearances can be expected to be frequent, not weekly.

In that sense, he won’t be permanently leaving the job and his professional life will exist alongside his private life.

The public has been worried due to the absence of Sticks “Sean Larkin ” from “On Patrol Live,” and there have been reassurances that assured the public about Sticks’ account. Along with Engel, another celebrity personality, known for his law enforcement background and TV stints as an on-air correspondent and as a co-host of morning shows, as well as, a co-founder of Law Enforcement Today, has taken on another role in the show. “Crime Cam 24/7” airs on Fox Nation.

He has undertaken a new commitment that is partially consuming the time he has allocated to himself, which evokes certain questions about his future with “On Patrol Live.”

What Happened to Sean Sticks Larkin on Patrol Live?

The fact that Sticks was gone from “On patrol live” for some time ago caused many ardent supporters to become worried and thus started to inquire about Sticks’ status.

Nevertheless, Larkin proved that her leaving the internship wasn’t a final decision as she is still willing to return to them. Announced in late June, it was discovered that he had already moved on from his past TV moments, landing a gig with FOX Nation’s ‘Crime Cam 24/7,’ filling much of his available time during the day.

During the days of social media storm, Sean “Sticks” Larkin unfollowed the tension with a Twitter post where he gave out more about his predicament. He openly fostered a candid atmosphere and was transparent with intentions as he revealed his experience of 24 years in law enforcement and television broadcasting.

Larkin articulated a fervent wish to engage in altering his work-life ground plan, concentrating on building a room for extra time with loved ones, the community, and self-chosen activities.

Of importance, during this period of revising, Larkin gave reassurance to his loyal audience that his going away from the live show was on a temporary basis. He insisted that his comeback would happen even if later on the show and the date was not determined immediately, however.

The fans felt no doubt as if they had not lost a huge piece of their franchise when they watched the coach manage the team.

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