Is Sylvie leaving the Chicago fire? A look into her career

When the sirens blare and the engines roar to life, the heroes of Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51 leap into action, with one standout paramedic leading the charge: Sylvie Brett.

Portrayed by the charismatic Kara Killmer, Sylvie Brett has not just been a character on NBC’s hit show ‘Chicago Fire’ – she’s been a beacon of compassion, strength, and resilience.

In this deep dive, we’re not just exploring the pivotal role Sylvie Brett played in Firehouse 51 but also the remarkable actress behind this iconic character.

Join us as we walk through the fiery paths of Sylvie Brett and Kara Killmer, understanding what made them both so integral to the spirit of ‘Chicago Fire’.

Is Sylvie leaving the Chicago fire
Sylvie Brett

Who is Sylvie in the Chicago fire?

Introduced in Season 3, Sylvie Brett is a paramedic assigned to Ambulance 61, taking over for Leslie Shay. Brett, who is originally from Indiana, established herself as a capable paramedic in the field very fast.

She was put in charge of the paramedic position (PIC). When Julie, a teenage mother, gave birth to Sylvie at the age of sixteen, she placed her up for adoption.

She was raised on a farm in Fowlerton, Indiana, by her adoptive parents.

Later on, their son was adopted as Sylvie’s younger brother. Her mother once experienced an emotional breakdown due to stress, and her father frequently put in long workdays.

But until her mother recovered, Brett’s aunt Annie supported her.

Is Sylvie leaving the Chicago fire?

Yes, Sylvie Brett’s time on the Chicago Fire is coming to an end. Kara Killmer, the adored paramedic since Season 3, is expected to appear in the first half of Season 12 before departing the program.

The popular procedural Chicago Fire on NBC follows the work and personal lives of firefighters, paramedics, and rescue workers at the fictional Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department.

The show, which is produced by Dick Wolf, is the first in the One Chicago franchise, which also includes the canceled Chicago Justice, Chicago P.D., and Chicago Med spinoffs.

In Season 3, Killmer made her Chicago Fire debut. In the film, she plays Sylvie Brett, a paramedic from Ambulance 61 who moved to Firehouse 51 to take over for the late Leslie Shay.

The most well-known aspect of Brett’s persona is her sporadic romance with Captain Matthew Casey, a series regular on the program until Season 10.

In November 2023, Killmer will take her final bow as Brett during Season 12, which premiered on January 17, 2024.

During the Season 12 premiere, viewers learned that Brett accepted Casey’s proposal; he popped the question during a surprise visit in the Season 11 finale but the episode ended before we could hear Brett’s answer.

She then reveals that their wedding is a month and a half away and will be held in Chicago—fans are getting another Chicago Fire wedding!

Shortly after the nuptials, she plans on moving to Portland with her adopted daughter Julia in order to be with Casey, who relocated there during Season 10 to help raise late firefighter Andy Darden’s kids.

Fans will have a few more episodes with Brett before her final farewell, so save your tears. She also told Mouch that she would “visit all the time,” suggesting that she could return in the future.

Who plays Sylvie in real life?

Kara Killmer plays Sylvie. American actress Kara Killmer was born on June 14, 1988. She has been best known for her role as paramedic Sylvie Brett on the NBC drama series Chicago Fire since 2014.

Chicago Fire, along with its sister series, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D., form the One Chicago franchise. Texas’s Crowley is where Killmer was born.

She studied performing arts at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2010. 2010 saw Killmer star in the brief run of the If I Can Dream original reality web series on Hulu.

The show followed five aspiring actors and actresses as they shared a Los Angeles home equipped with cameras to record everything they did.

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