Is Thomas leaving the bold and beautiful? Who is the new Thomas Forrester?

Thomas Forrester on The Bold & the Beautiful has had different faces but one dramatic history over the years. In 2004, Drew Tyler Bell made his acting debut as Thomas, following a string of young actors. Adam Gregory took over for him in 2010, and Pierson Fodé briefly filled the position in 2015. After recasting once more in the spring of 2018, he made his final appearance in the show in March of 2019. 

What happened to Thomas in B&B?

After leaving town for college, Thomas went to work for Forrester International. When Thomas returned for Phoebe’s funeral, he held Rick responsible for her passing and set fire to his home and his vehicle! Following Ridge and Brooke’s reunion, Thomas once again departed for Paris.

Who is the new Thomas on Bold and Beautiful?

Matthew Atkinson

On The Bold and the Beautiful, Matthew Atkinson plays Thomas Forrester, the prodigal son. Atkinson debuted on the WB/CW drama One Tree Hill. In the Academy Award–winning movie The Blind Side, he also made an appearance.

Is Thomas leaving the bold and beautiful

Is Thomas leaving the bold and beautiful? 

Yes, Steffy urges Thomas to leave town

It looks like The Bold and the Beautiful’s cast member is leaving. It’s likely a temporary one. This is because Steffy on the soap opera today begged her brother Thomas to pack his bags and travel to Paris, the City of Lights, in a tender but honest conversation. The moment came when she went to check on Thomas at his house after he left work for the day.

Hope receives the breakup news from Steffy.

Steffy informs Thomas in Forrester’s main office that he must end his relationship with Hope. Recapitulating, Thomas says he made a dress for Hope and planned a speech for her.

“The ring was with her.” Steffy reminds him that she never even placed it on her finger. “Steffy! “barks Thomas. I cherish her, and I know that she adores me. Why won’t she accept my proposal? Why won’t she just commit to me?!”

Thomas laments, “I just don’t understand. What did I do wrong?” Steffy yells that Hope is solely to blame for this. She is not shocked that she turned him down once more.

She is aware of his love for her, but that will only make him feel hurt and irritated. “It is time to stop. You must break up with Hope.”

Hope is sitting in the showroom reflecting on her rejection of Thomas’s proposal. “Wow, what is all this?” inquires Brooke as she enters.

Suddenly, she notices the expression on Hope’s face and she says, “Honey, what is wrong?” It is Thomas, Hope cries out. She stutters that he left before she could explain. Brooke finds out that Hope turned down Thomas’s second proposal.

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