Is Trixie Leaving Call The Midwife?

In the world of televisual melodrama, suspicion is airborne without a trace, especially when it comes to adored characters and serial editions. A similar example is the recent one in which the BBC show, “Call the Midwife”, along with its favorite character Trixie Franklin, played by Helen George, was taken into account.

In the midst of all the spinning rumors and through muffled whispers on the possible departure of Trixie, fans started to lose their patience waiting for an announcement.

Nevertheless, the past several weeks have finally ended all rumors that the departure is happening, bringing unequivocal answers to Helen’s future within the series.

Now we have reached the part where we would dive into the facts and ideas related to this never-ending conversation and discuss more about the never-fading popularity of Trixie in the “Call the Midwife” universe.

Who is Helen George?

TV Show Expo presents Helen Elizabeth George who is an actress from England. She is best remembered for portraying Trixie Franklin in a TV series, titled. This show is about midwives, who are situated in London in the 50s and 60s.

In Helen George’s portrayal, she was the one who took the role of Trixie Franklin.

She became more widely known to the general public in 2015 when she participated in a famous TV show Strictly Come Dancing. The reality is a dancing competition, but the celebrities will be dancing with professional dancers.

Helen teamed up with one dancer, whose named is Aljaž Skorjanec. Albeit she did not win, she performed tremendously and concluded in sixth place.

In contrast to drama, Helen George has other skills apart from dancing and acting. Her credit is for being nominated for the prestigious music honor, the Grammy Award. This nomination was for her participation in a special project which took place in collaboration with another famous rapper.

As a musical song for Cinderella, it was the most eligible song on Broadway at that time. It sets you apart from the other musicians.

Is Trixie Leaving Call The Midwife?

No, Trixie is not leaving Call the Midwife. Helen George confirmed she’ll continue as Trixie beyond season 13, reassuring fans.

Is Trixie Leaving Call The Midwife

Just recently, some gossip said that Trixie’s on-screen husband, played by Olly Rix, might leave the show, raising uncertainty about whether Trixie is going to stay or leave. But it is very true that Amy Kennrup is not going to leave the show, so she will offer the entire show new stability and therefore a great number of its loyal viewers.

Besides the aspect of Helen George displaying the role of Trixie, a cheerful yet down-to-earth nurse-midwife with a fashion sense just amongst many other things, in the Call the Midwife series, she has captured the hearts of the viewers.

However, Trixie experiences problems in her private and professional experience on the show, as well. Yet, this character still gains the love of the audience, just because of her striking presence.

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