What happened to Ahna Mac’s face? Ahna Mac revealed what happened to her and information on facial injury

Ahna Mac (Anyssa Santiago) is an American-Spanish singer and songwriter. On August 13, 2000, she was born in Plainfield, New Jersey. As of 2024, Ahna Mac’s various sources of income have added up to a total net worth of $1.3 million. Her earnings come from selling music, performing live, song licenses and royalties, show sponsorships, and endorsements.

Ahna Mac and Rollie got into a furious fight in the premiere episode of Baddies: Caribbean, during which the singer disclosed her alleged facial injury.

Rollie and Ahna Mac were placed on injured reserve by the show while they took a break for recovery. The fans were perplexed since they were aware of Rollie’s surgery but were unaware of Ahna Mac’s circumstances.

On May 5, 2024, the fifth season of Baddies: Caribbean debuted. The show’s star, musician Ahna Mac, opened up about what had happened to her face.

What happened to Ahna Mac’s face? 

Ahna Mac suffered three facial fractures.

Responding to Rollie Pollie, Ahna Mac said her face “fractured in three places,” and in keeping with Rollie and Mac’s contentious relationship, Rollie replied, “Don’t let it continue to fracture.” It did not take Ahna Mac long to avenge Rollie Pollie with such a cruel remark.

In response, she alluded to Rollie’s recent surgery and said, “Do not make me kick your organs out; I will split that stitch right open.”

What happened to Ahna Mac's face
Ahna Mac

As the conversation took a dark turn with a verbal altercation, Mac did not reveal how her face was fractured, but it’s reported that it likely happened in a fight.

Some people wondered if the rumored Baddies: Caribbean “injured reserve list” might have something to do with Mac’s injury. Rollie Pollie and Mac would return to the show “after they heal,” according to an Instagram story shared on Reddit. It seems that “injured reserves” does not relate to Mac’s facial fractures, but rather to the long-standing rivalries between the women on the show.

“Bookie, please tell us your face is ok and has been since the surgery,” tweeted one of her admirers. Ahna Mac has said nothing about her injury other than what is captured on camera during the altercation.

What is the list of “injured reserves” on “Baddies: Caribbean”?

Online fan discussion regarding a purported “injured reserve” roster of celebrities that have starred in Baddies: Caribbean has been quite active.

Are they talking about Ahna Mac’s face injury? No, it seems that the ladies from previous seasons are healing from past drama that took place on the show.

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