What happened to Amy on Dead Files? The Inside Story

If you’re an avid watcher of “The Dead Files,” you were undoubtedly shocked to learn that Amy Allan, the well-known physical medium who has been giving out ghostly predictions for more than 200 episodes, something happened. But guys, prepare to spill the true tea on Amy’s story—hold on to your sage bundles!

What happened to Amy on Dead Files?

Amy on ‘The Dead Files,’ left the show midway through Season 15 for a “personal break” after over 200 episodes. Cindy Kaza replaced her, continuing alongside former detective Steve DiSchiavi to investigate paranormal phenomena and help property owners troubled by haunting experiences.

Season 15 is already underway, and just when we thought we knew just how to satisfy our paranormal craving, wham! Amy Allan surprises everyone by announcing that she is leaving the show. But why would she abandon us in the middle of the season, oh why? The Travel Channel stated that Amy required a “personal break”. Yes, you read correctly- even mediums require time for relaxation.

The Real Deal- Amy’s Departure Insider Information

However, let’s go right in, shall we? It appears that Amy’s leaving is about more than just binge-watching Netflix and being in her pajamas (though who could blame her?). Nope, she’s taking a full year off to regain her physical, mental, and spiritual well-being! After years of battling restless spirits, who can blame her for wanting to take a break?

Amy shared her post-“Dead Files” plans with her Instagram fans in a heartfelt conversation. Amy has a lot on her plate, and we’re here to help with every juicy detail! From brushing up on her massage techniques to leading workshops and possibly even fitting in a few paranormal weekends!

Cindy Kaza- The Torchbearer Steps In

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Who in the afterlife could possibly fill Amy’s shoes?” Presenting Cindy Kaza, the extraordinary psychic medium! Together with retired investigator Steve DiSchiavi, Cindy is stepping up to assist solve the spookiest of cases thanks to her intuitive skills and talent for perceiving ghosts.

What happened to Amy on Dead Files

‘The Dead Files’- What’s Next for the Series That Must Go On?

One question remains unanswered as we get ready for the upcoming spine-tingling episodes of “The Dead Files”: will Amy ever make a comeback to take back her place on the paranormal throne? We’re in for an exciting journey into the spirit world with Cindy Kaza behind the wheel, even though the future is yet unknown!

It’s true that sometimes the real world is weirder than fiction when it comes to “The Dead Files,” so gather your EMF detectors and dust out your Ouija boards, people! Watch out for more spectral encounters, startling discoveries, and enough spine-tingling horror to give you chills. Anything is possible in the realm of the paranormal, including a resurrection from the dead!

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