What happened to Ari on First Wives Club? The character’s death has left the show’s fans saddened

When a prominent actress leaves a show, it’s never easy, especially if they portray your favorite role. It was shocking to learn that Ryan Michelle Bathe was leaving BET+’s First Wives Club, as many would agree. It’s just so depressing to watch how her character ends.

Tracy Oliver’s comedy series First Wives Club is based on the popular 1990s movie The First Wives Club.

The drama, which is set in New York City, centers on three best friends who support one another while they navigate difficult marriages while also managing their hectic professional lives.

Michelle Bath played Ryan Ari Montgomery, a friend and lawyer who abandoned her legal career to support her husband in his political campaign.

She portrayed a cherished figure that a lot of fans eagerly anticipated seeing on TV. Sadly, though, her character’s adventure ended after just two seasons.

What happened to Ari on First Wives Club
Ryan Michelle Bathe

Ari’s Abrupt Exit- A Plot Twist That Rocked ‘First Wives Club’

Whoa! Fans were left reeling when Ari, played by Ryan Michelle Bathe, met an unexpected end due to a brain aneurysm in Season 3, Episode 2 of ‘First Wives Club.’ That shocking twist flipped the series upside down, leaving everyone wide-eyed and craving answers.

Fans of the series didn’t see the plot twist coming and were shocked at how fast and messily the curtains were pulled down on Ari’s character.

What happened to Ari on First Wives Club? The Creators’ Bold Move

Ari on First Wives’ Club died of a brain aneurysm. Darren Star and Tracy Oliver, the brains behind the show, cooked up a wild plan to axe Ari’s character.

At first, Jill Scott wasn’t too thrilled about it. But hey, it ended up adding depth to Hazel’s character as she dealt with the gut-wrenching loss of her buddy.

Ari’s storyline had to end to support other characters’ story arcs. The directors made the unpopular decision keeping in mind the long-term sustenance of the show.

Ryan Michelle Bathe’s Ride and Character Arc

Ryan Michelle Bathe rocked Ari, stealing scenes through the first two seasons. But hold up; her character’s move to the West Coast in Season 2 meant less screen time. By the way, she also nailed it on ‘Boston Legal.’

The end of her character might seem hurried but it was a deliberate and well-planned decision by the showrunners to advance the programme’s storyline.

Impact of Ari’s Exit and What’s Next for ‘First Wives Club’

Boom! Ari’s unexpected departure in Season 3, Episode 2, flipped the script big time. That move by the show’s creators injected a whole load of drama and heartache.

It’s not possible to measure yet what impact this detour will have on the show’s characters and how it will aid in any further character development. But fear not! The future holds more twists and turns. Brace yourselves, folks! ‘First Wives Club’ is serving up more surprises to keep us all on our toes!

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