What happened to Austin McBroom? The Rise and Fall

Austin McBroom is a social media personality who previously played NCAA basketball. He is the father of the ACE Family, a well-known YouTube vlog channel. They had over 19 million subscribers in July 2020. Austin McBroom is from Los Angeles, California.

He went to Campbell Hall School in North Hollywood and averaged 25.1 points per game his senior year, earning first-team All-CIF Division 3AA honors. He attended Eastern Washington University where he studied communications.

The Beginning of the Love Story of Austin and Catherine

Austin McBroom and Catherine Paiz’s relationship started in 2015, after meeting at a party. Notwithstanding Catherine’s underlying worries about the drawn-out reasonability of their relationship, Austin’s authentic aims and faithful responsibility continuously dispersed any questions, at last fortifying their bond. In 2017, they wedded and sent off their cooperative undertaking, “The ACE Family” YouTube channel.

They utilized this stage to share looks into their regular routines and narratives of the difficulties and delights of bringing up their three youngsters.

What happened to Austin McBroom
Austin McBroom

What happened to Austin McBroom?

Austin, a previous school ball player turned vlogger, has reported that he will separate from his better half, Catherine. He was entangled in various embarrassments, including allegations of betrayal, petulant recordings including his family, and claims originating from his boxing occasion.

His better half, Catherine, likewise disliked her skincare line and lawful issues. The family lost their home to abandonment in 2021.

Austin, a once-prevailing school b-ball player, exchanged slam dunks for vlogging stunts in 2016, similarly as they invited their most memorable youngster.

The couple’s romantic tale appeared to be straight out of a fantasy, complete with an unexpected wedding that even Cinderella would begrudge.

As their divert filled in prominence quicker than a rocket on Red Bull, outrages started to fall like confetti at a bombed march.

Gossipy tidbits about Austin’s meandering eye spread quickly in dry woodland, passing on their fans to contemplate whether their romantic tale was fiction or true.

Austin wound up in steaming hot water for different reasons, remembering taking his niece for a grown-up store experience and confronting the rage of web hordes for sketchy nurturing choices.

It was a rollercoaster of embarrassments fit for unscripted television. Yet, similar to every great story, this one should conclude. With their YouTube realm imploding quicker than an ineffectively built sandcastle, Austin and Catherine express farewell to the computerized world.

As the drapery fell on their last YouTube execution, the crowd was left contemplating whether it was every one of the prearranged shows or on the other hand on the off chance that the truth was genuinely more peculiar than fiction.

In January 2024, Austin and Catherine announced that they would divorce.

On January 12, 2024, Austin and Catherine reported their separation through discrete web-based entertainment posts. That’s what Catherine expressed “2024 will be her time of groundbreaking change, and one of the means in her process is the hard choice to leave her marriage.” She expressed that it was a shared choice and that they would keep on zeroing in on co-nurturing.

She kept on alluding to Austin as her “best friend.” Austin expressed that giving up implies realizing that there is a future. The two of them support each other’s fates.

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