What happened to Barriss Offee? Tales of the Empire Revealed Barriss’ Situation

Barriss Offee is a character from Star Wars whose storyline took a sudden turn when she became a rival of her best friend Ashoka. Her fate remained a mystery by the end of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It is now, after 15 years, that Star Wars finally revealed what happened to Barriss Offee with the trailer for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire.

Barriss was a Jedi Padawan and Ashoka Tano was her loyal friend. They were companions, but what she did with her friend was very shocking.

Despite being from the Jedi, she planned to bomb the Jedi temple and blamed her friend Ashoka Tano for the act. Later, she was arrested for this act but the revenge feelings always remained within her.

A recent trailer for Star Wars: Tales of the Empire showed what happened to Barriss Offee.

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What happened to Barriss Offee?

Barriss Offee became an inquisitor. Before the trailer release, there were many theories revolving around her but one of them was nearly the same as what was shown in the trailer. It was about Barriss getting trained under Darth Vader, who himself is a Grand Inquisitor. But at that time, this theory was made only because of Seventh’s sister, a female inquisitor, and was not granted to be possible.

What happened to Barriss Offee
Barriss Offee

But the trailer showed that after she was freed from jail, she became an inquisitor. She was holding the red-blade lightsaber in both hands and her appearance looked fierce.

She trained under Darth Vader and this plot was earlier depicted in a fan-made theory. Her fierce training and revengeful look depict that she is ready to take revenge on her earlier friend, now foe, Ashoka Tano.

The Future of Barriss in Star Wars

Seriously, her continuation in Star Wars is going to be a next-level experience for all the fans. Her future missions and plans were not revealed in the trailer so it is very difficult to tell you about her next actions. But as said, her Inquisition turn shows that she is planning to battle with Ashoka because she was full of anger after her arrest.

Whether she will head to battle with Ashoka or something else, only the release of ‘Star Wars: Tales of the Empire’ can answer that. So be sure to watch it on May 4, featuring Disney+.

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