What happened to Batista WWE? Dave Batista opens up about being broke after a formidable career in the ring

Dave Batista is one of a select few celebrities who left WWE and went on to have a successful acting career. The six-time world champion’s most well-known character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Drax. But moving from acting to wrestling took a lot of work for him.

Batista was requested by WWE not to take on any further significant roles in Hollywood. He decided to step outside of the squared circle in 2010 and started his journey to become a movie star. Nonetheless, he discussed the financial hardship he experienced following his departure from WWE in a 2019 interview.

What happened to Batista WWE?

Dave Batista faced severe financial difficulties, including bankruptcy and nearly three years of hardship after leaving WWE in 2010. She notably landed the role of Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After quitting WWE, Dave Batista said he “starved for three years.” The former WWE champion talked openly about his financial struggles following his 2010 retirement from wrestling at the Denver Pop Culture Con.

According to Batista, he was at the top of the WWE when he departed. However, he was bankrupt and lost everything eight months later. To purchase gifts for his kids, he had to take out loans from other people.

What happened to Batista WWE
Dave Batista

Batista disclosed that, despite nearly being hungry for the following three years, he refused to return to wrestling. He was determined to establish himself as an actor and wanted to accomplish it. After he was finally offered the role of Drax in the MCU film Guardians of the Galaxy, his life completely changed.

Batista said that he went hungry for three years, became bankrupt, lost everything, and was unable to find employment. But he vowed never to return to wrestling and achieve his goal of being a successful actor. He was cast in Guardians of the Galaxy shortly after.

Did Batista ever make a comeback in the wrestling ring?

Following the completion of filming the MCU film, he declared his desire to return to the WWE at the 2014 Royal Rumble. Despite winning the Royal Rumble that year, he didn’t have the expected kind of comeback. Later that year, he quit the company once more, this time citing artistic differences as his cause.

At WrestleMania 35, The Animal faced The Cerebral Assassin in his final WWE encounter.

Before WrestleMania 35, Batista attacked Ric Flair, shocking the WWE Universe. On his 75th birthday, he attacked his former Evolution mentor in an attempt to attract Triple H’s attention. The previous year, at SmackDown’s 1000th show, Batista made fun of The Game for never having defeated him.

Thus, at WrestleMania 35, the two men square up in a No Holds Barred match. Triple H, The Animal’s longtime friend, defeated him in what turned out to be his final WWE bout. Since then, Batista has stated unequivocally that he would rather go bankrupt than enter the square once more. He appears content with his work and the direction his acting career is taking.

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